Dec 17, 2019 08:00am
What Does “Home for the Holidays” Really Mean?

During the holiday season, we always hear about going home or other family members coming home. It got me thinking about what home really means. I read a wonderful book by Sally Clarkson before Trevor’s death called A Life-Giving Home. Doing just that became vital after Trevor’s death.

Why is home so important? We all need a place we can come to find refuge and strength in the midst of life’s storms. There are days when our lives will leave us battered and bruised, and we all need a place to come to where we find unconditional love and acceptance. We all need a place of comfort and peace.

Home can provide that comfort and peace.

Home can give us consolation after a difficult day, a loving embrace in the wake of tragedy, or a celebration after a victory.

Home can provides all we need for our souls.

Home isn’t just about decorating or sculpting the perfect Pinterest-worthy room. It’s about the feeling it provides for those in it. It’s true that our surroundings can provide beauty and comfort, but it’s more about the heart than it is the aesthetics of the home. You can have the most beautiful home that still feels empty and cold. 

A home is built with love, specifically the love of Christ.

If you find yourself alone this holiday or if your home feels broken beyond repair, take heart. Christ lived and did ministry with no home to lay his head so that through faith in him, we could always have a home with our heavenly Father. 

A true, personal relationship with Christ gives us a home so that we’re never truly alone. Through Jesus, our homes can always be restored and redeemed.

Whether your heart is full this Thanksgiving or Christmas or you’re struggling just to make it, remember that God loves you and has a plan for your life. You can always come home to him and have a home with him.

We strive to create a home that offers life to those in it while we are here on this earth. However, these homes pale in comparison to the heavenly place our Lord and Savior has promised he’s preparing for us. This holiday season, let’s be thankful for that home in heaven we will enjoy for all eternity.

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