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Lifeword Turns Fifty

“Surely, we have only to read the front pages of our newspaper or hear the newscasts to know that our nation is in crisis times, and we feel that the greatest help that we could give our own America is the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. Until men know Jesus in an intimate way…


Lifeword Plays Major Role In India

Prashant and Golda Prakash grew up in missionary families and have a burden for the people of India, especially in the area of education. They run two schools in India, and Prashant is the administrator of the BMA work there which also includes Lifeword radio programming, church planting, and training. In the 1970s Prakash’s father…


O3b Closer all the Time

Rick Russell Lifeword Associate Director and Chief Programming Officer About three years ago, we began talking about O3b, a company that was developing a new satellite technology that would provide broadband internet service to the “Other 3 billion” people in the world who do not have it now. (Mostly, those folks are located in Africa,…