Mission & Vision
Lifeword Broadcasting
Lifeword Broadcasting

Since 1965, Lifeword has shared the gospel by radio. Today the ministry has expanded so that we now produce more than 50 different radio programs each week in 53 languages, with additions currently in production.Most of those programs are heard over commercial AM and FM radio stations. In special cases such as closed countries where local gospel broadcasts are not allowed, Lifeword uses high-power shortwave, medium wave(AM) and satellite broadcasts that can be clearly heard by target audiences that may be many thousands of miles away.

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Lifeword Community Radio
Lifeword Community Radio

Since 2014, Lifeword has helped third world churches begin low power FM radio stations that enable them to blanket their local community with the gospel. In these countries where most people walk nearly everywhere they go, the vast majority of those who attend a particular church live and work within 3 or 4 miles—an area easily covered by a 15-watt FM transmitter that can be powered by a 12-volt car battery.

Lifeword goes to the field to install the equipment and then trains the pastor and church members to program the radio station in a way that is interesting to the entire community. Into that community oriented programming, they weave a constant and gracious witness about the love of Jesus Christ. Those new broadcasters then agree to help other churches do the same thing, and “media discipleship” begins.”!

Lifeword Cloud
Lifeword Media & Leadership Training

Lifeword’s most recent and ongoing initiative involves building a platform, the Cloud, that will enable the more than five decades of gospel programming to be accessed through the Internet. Lifeword.org will become a place where anyone who speaks a Lifeword language can hear about Jesus’ love for all people in the language of their heart.

The ultimate goal is that 200 world languages would be represented on the Cloud and that speakers of those languages would hear the greatest story ever told.

The Lifeword Cloud has unlimited potential to reach billions for Christ.