Jan 18, 2022 08:00am
Why is Surrender So Hard?

Surrender? Control? Which is one is easer?

My theory is that every single one of us is slightly in love with control. Sure, we know people who are obsessed with being in control, and we can easily recognize that person. We may say we aren’t like that, and maybe we aren’t to an extreme. However, way down deep inside of who we really are, there are control issues. I really don’t think I’m just speaking of myself.
We have a problem when we come to the crossroads of control and surrender, though. At various times in my journey with Christ, God has challenged different aspects of my relationship with and theology about Him. Various things that I’ve always believed are sometimes called into question as I grow in knowledge of who He is, it seems. He’s challenged everything from the way I view people to the way I view worship. And now He’s challenging me on the way I view this idea of surrender.

“I Surrender All” is an old hymn we don’t hear a lot today, but if you’ve ever sung it, you may have been convicted of the real truth, as I have, that it’s more like “I Surrender Some” or “I Surrender What I Can.” I rationalize that I am surrendering really close but not quite 100%, and that’s better than most people.

If people use the phrase “partial surrender” they are revealing the fact that they don’t understand the concept of surrender at all, really. That’s like saying you are “sort of married” or “kind of have cancer.” Some things are either in or out, you do or you don’t – there’s no middle ground. Surrender is such a principle.
When we come to Christ to surrender ourselves to Him as Lord of our lives, that surrender must be complete. When it comes down to it, we often give God what we want to give Him, which in turn reveals what we truly believe He deserves. So the entire issue of complete or partial surrender hangs on one, single question: How much of you does God deserve?
If we even hesitate to ponder the answer we already need to re-evaluate our view of and belief in God. He created all that is! He sent His one and only Son to redeem us from the sin that we chose to walk in! He is infinitely more than our minds can ever fathom! Think of any good, righteous, and holy adjective and He confounds your understanding of it entirely! He just IS!
All of creation sways in instant obedience to Him. 

The winds and waves obey His voice. 

The weather obeys His voice. 

The trees, plants, even animals obey His voice. 

We humans are the only creations who have the audacity to look God right in the face and say, “No.”
We will let Him have our Sundays, but not our Friday nights. 

We will let Him have our moments of need, but not our moments of pleasure. 

We will let Him have our occasional praise but not our entire vocabulary. 

We will let Him have our relationships with church folks but not our relationships with those who don’t like us. 

Get the idea?
Partial surrender is no surrender at all. We cannot come to God with conditions attached. It’s all or nothing that He deserves – even demands – and nothing less.

That’s just a thought, and I welcome yours.
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