Aug 23, 2021 08:00am
Whose Stuff is it Anyway?

I’m sure most of us have felt that sinking feeling that comes with having something stolen from you at one time or another. I have felt it before, but I guess you tend to forget just how it feels until you get a refresher course.

This past Saturday I went to check on a few things in my storage unit. I currently have most all of my earthly possessions in storage, as I am in between houses at the moment. This is only a temporary station in life, as I’ll be buying a home in just a few months. So you can understand that simply storing all my things in a paid storage unit seemed like a simple and safe option for me in the meantime.

When I arrived at my unit I discovered that the lock had been tampered with. When I got the door open I realized that about a third of my things had been taken – stolen. My initial reaction was a sickness deep inside. Then came anger.

I felt angry that someone would take MY possessions – the things I had worked to earn and acquire. I had thoughts going through my mind that weren’t kind, to be honest. “How dare some ignorant person come and take what’s rightfully mine! How dare them!”  This was my train of thought for a few hours, to be honest.

 The police came, a report was filed. Insurance was contacted, and my stuff was moved to an “undisclosed location.” But in the process of all of that, God started to speak to me.

“Yours? Really? All that stuff was yours?” And then it hit me: I don’t own anything. All the stuff in the storage unit was just that – stuff. It’s all replaceable. Sure there were a few things with some serious sentimental value that I miss, but it’s just stuff. All that I have is His!

And then I began to wonder: How many times have I felt such strong emotions over the spiritual condition of the students I minister to? How many times have I said, “How dare the devil steal the eternal destinies of the students of this town that GOD has created for His glory? How dare him!” How many times have I thought to myself, “How dare ME steal from the God who created me by NOT using my talents for His glory as He’s instructed me to! How dare me!”

God’s Word is clear in the book of Malachi that when we don’t give God the worship He so clearly deserves that we are “robbing” Him!  That’s serious business, folks!

Fortunately, there’s grace. But along with God’s grace comes responsibility. We have a high calling, believers.

As for the folks who stole my stuff – I’m praying for them. I can honestly say they’re forgiven, and my most sincere prayer is that they come to meet Jesus as Savior and Lord. He loves them in spite of their theft, just as He loves me in spite of mine. Truth is, the recovery of the stuff from my storage unit isn’t nearly as dear to His heart as the recovery of the eternal souls of those who stole it. And I just have to be totally transparent with you today . . . 

I want a heart like His.

That’s just a thought, and I welcome yours.

Until next time,


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