Jun 05, 2022 08:00am
Who I Am – Who I Am Not

I’m not trash – I’m treasured. I find it amazing and, dare I say, mind-blowing to think that my God, who knows me best, loves me the most. He knows my every failure, flaw, and short-coming yet treasures me. He welcomed me into His family when I first fell on my face before Him and asked for the forgiveness of my sin. And still, daily, He welcomes me into His presence any time I ask for His ear. There may be those who think I’m disposable but not my God.

I’m not burdensome – I’m blessed. It is so incredible to me to know that I am not a burden to the God who hears the cries of every child of His across this globe. I can’t talk to Him too much. I can’t overwhelm Him with my conversation. I can’t burn Him out on Blake Martin. His love is so big that no matter how trivial my problems are or how simple my thinking may be, He wants to hear it all. I’m not a burden to Him – I’m blessed in knowing Him.

I’m not bottom shelf – I’m beautifully redeemed. God doesn’t push me aside for other priorities. No matter what else He has before Him, He always has time for me. He doesn’t side step me for other things, nor does He put me on hold for other opportunities. He has assured me that I’m His, and He’ll always hold me close. He has redeemed me from the curse that my sin carried, and He’s told me in His Word that I’m the apple of His eye.

I’m not baggage – I’m brilliantly protected. All the tough legs of the journey of life thus far haven’t turned me into a scarred pile of the past. He has led me all the way, and I’ve never walked alone! All the things I’ve been through, good or bad, have been seen and known by Him. All the decisions I’ve made, righteous or sinful, have been redeemed by Him. He has preserved me for His plan that is unfolding before my eyes daily.  

I’m not self-reliant – I’m sanctified. I’m not any of the above because of my own ability or strength. Anything that I am today, or will ever be tomorrow, is the result of my Savior’s love for me and His ability to mold me into what He wants in spite of who I am. He has set me apart and sanctified me for a purpose larger than my own. He has anointed me to share Him with a lost and dying world. And He has filled me with His Spirit so I can accomplish that purpose. Who I’m not and who I am is truly a testimony of who He is, and not about me at all.

If you know Christ, the above can be read aloud by you as a testimony of your own life and journey. If you don’t know Christ, the above could be your story. The only thing that is lacking, friend, is your decision – a decision to follow Christ and ask for His forgiveness for your sin. Oh, what a glorious fate awaits you on the other side of that choice!

That’s just a thought, and I welcome yours.
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