Mar 28, 2022 08:00am
What I’ve Learned From a Lifetime of Ministry

I recently celebrated one of those milestone birthdays: I’m officially off Medicare age now at 65 years old. I never thought that I would live to be 65, but here I am, kicking it! This year of my life also marks a ministry milestone as well. I’ve been serving the Lord in vocational ministry for 45 years. I’m not sure that the years God has given me to serve Him has made me any wiser (which probably says a lot about me), but it does grant me some street cred when it comes to experience. So here are some musings looking back on 45 years of service:

For some reason only known to the Father, people are incredibly precious to God. 

Though questioned, ridiculed, and facing relentless efforts to discredit it, the Bible still stands as the best source of information for living a great life. 

A pastor’s church family is where he serves. His family at home is where he makes a life. 

True success in ministry can only be measured by my faithfulness to His calling. 

Comparing myself or my ministry with the ministry of others will only lead to guilt and depression. 

I still need to be learning. Every. Day. 

The lives of people who live in theological echo chambers are usually marked by being stale, judgmental and unforgiving. 

Exercise helps with my energy level and emotional state as much as anything else I do. 

As much as I want it not to, nothing hurts worse than to watch people walk away.

Mexican food is one of the Lord’s choice blessings. 

Life is better with good friends. 

It’s OK to take time off every week. It makes you a better servant. Even Jesus took time to rest. 

I’m not much, but my God is really big. 

Laughing is great exercise for the heart. 

My kids will remember the time I spent with them lots more than any sermon I might preach. 

Everything I need to know about God I can learn from the life of Jesus. 

I should never lose my wonder in the cross or the resurrection.  

It is such a blessing to serve the Lord and His church. 

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