Aug 25, 2021 08:00am
The Strong Limbs of Jesus

Strong Limbs. Have you ever “gone out on a limb,” only to find out that it was as strong as you assumed it to be?

I remember watching a friend attempting to make a tire swing out of a limb on a tree at his house when we were young. So much work went into finding the right rope and a tire that was just right.  When everything was gathered together, the moment of truth arrived.  I remember watching him swing that rope and make several unsuccessful attempts to throw it up over the limb. Finally, after numerous tries, my friend had a rope hanging for us to tie the tire to. I remember the excitement we all felt when the tire was attached and the time came to test drive the swing.

That toy didn’t last long at all. The first ride on that swing, which we all so graciously allowed my friend to take before us, ended in disaster.  As soon as he climbed into the tire and his full body weight was resting fully on the rope, the limb snapped. Fortunately the limb wasn’t too large, and when it fell it missed my friend (and his faithful audience, might I add). Some limbs just aren’t strong enough to support much.

In my short life thus far I am thankful to say, though, that I have found a tree that has strong limbs. I have occasional days and moments when I am reminded of just how strong those limbs are, too. Yesterday was one such day, and it could not have come at a more perfect moment.

You see, my family tree is solid. I have been blessed with wonderful, loving, godly family members. Their love for me is purely unconditional. 

When uncertainty comes, they are there. 

When hurt comes, they are there. 

When I need to vent, they are there.  

When everything is great, they are there.  

The bottom line is simple: No matter what, I know they are there.

I wouldn’t have them were it not for God’s gracious blessing upon my life. I don’t deserve such a wonderful family, yet He gave them to me anyway. He usually operates that way in my life it seems. No matter what good things I accomplish, I could never earn that blessing. It’s called “grace,” and when applied to what Jesus did on the cross, it’s the single most incredible thing the world has ever known.

So today, I’m thankful for strong limbs. No matter what the weight is, I know they’ll not break, even when so many other limbs do. Accept his grace today, be forgiven, and know Jesus Christ intimately.                                    

That’s just a thought, and I welcome yours.

Until next time,


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