Feb 16, 2022 08:00am
The Most Misunderstood Man of All Time

Who is Jesus?

It’s hard not to gush when I think about who Jesus is to me. But a lot has happened in my life that has caused me to question Jesus: “Why did you allow into my life the anguish and heartache of death, bad choices, and divorce?” Sometimes I wanted to turn my back on him. But I didn’t. Because his Holy Spirit pulled me back from the edge of giving up.

That’s part of my testimony, my story of salvation, my first hand knowledge of who Jesus is. Past, present, and future Christians can all attest to the life-changing power of salvation. Not only is Jesus the reason I live and breathe, he is also the one who created me. And here’s something even crazier . . . He planned my existence before time even existed. So a better question would be: Who is Jesus NOT?

I see, feel, and know Jesus exists every moment. Don’t get me wrong, though. I’m mostly all about MY life, MY desires, and MY needs, but as the consistent one in our relationship, if I allow him to, Jesus pulls me back to himself every time I try to take his place on his throne.

But back to Jesus . . . He is NOT . . . 

a genie who fulfills your wishes

a magician who snaps his fingers and gives you the perfect job, spouse, test score, children, or bank account

a teacher who models good morals and tells us to love people

a friend who gives you courage, good advice, and encouragement

a prayer partner who tells you to rely on your instincts 

Those are things that humans can do, but Jesus is NOT human. His divinity sets him apart. He is not a benevolent giver of all good things who turns his back on your sin as long as you live a mostly good and moral life.

You may have heard, “When God closes a door, he opens a window.” But that is also not who Jesus is. He created all the doors and windows, and their opening and shutting was planned a millennia ago. This overused phrase may fool people into thinking life should be one blessing after another, but Jesus doesn’t keep score of your sin then decide what to do. He doesn’t have to. He’s all-knowing.

Instead, Jesus IS . . . 

the Savior and King of the world who chose to die on a cross for the sins of mankind 

the resurrected Son of God who reigns next to his Father in heaven

the giver of life who offers forgiveness of sin through his grace 

the refuge, strength, peace, and Holy Spirit promised in Scripture

the only path to salvation, which requires full surrender, sacrifice, and death to self

Don’t ask me to explain how Jesus can be all those things and more, because I can’t. But that doesn’t bother me. I trust him, and he has proven his faithfulness. I can testify to what Jesus did in my life, a life headed down a path that didn’t include church or God or salvation. But Jesus put someone in my path who had something I didn’t, something I wanted, something that was based on unconditional love, something I could trust. And she was part of a church that loved me. I wanted that.

When I found out God loved me so much that he sent his Son to die for me, I really can’t say I understood it much at all. But her life played beautiful music, and I wanted to know the words. The music I heard from her came from Jesus and his transforming power to save people, all people, from a worldly destination to a heavenly one. 

Jesus is the only perfect man who ever lived, the Son of God who was sent to earth to save mankind, the King of Kings who offers forgiveness of sin. He is all those things, but still he lives and moves in my life – and in the lives of every human being who ever existed.

Jesus doesn’t leave me when I decide to do things my way. The Holy Spirit draws me back to my Savior and Lord and I have a choice. But don’t just take my word for it. There are a lot of Christians out there, and you’ll know them by their love and the beautiful music playing in their lives. 

Who is Jesus? Everything. Cry out to him today.

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