Jun 07, 2020 08:00am
Some Questions to Ask Yourself, Mr. Chauvin

Dear Derek Chauvin,

I began this letter to Mr. George Floyd, but I had a change of heart. Mr. Floyd is gone from this earth, but you’re still here. You still live and breathe. You are sitting in a jail cell somewhere, now on the other side of the bars you used to police.

As you sit there I’m sure many things are going through your head and I wanted to give you some questions to ask yourself:

– “If I had a redo, would I change my actions?”
– “Do I realize that little children are now afraid of police officers because of me?”
– “Can my single action literally turn a nation into chaos?”
– “Can a bad temper and anger within one single heart be used to cause much turmoil for many?”
– “Are white people around the world ashamed and appalled at my actions?”
– “Are police officers getting hit, kicked, things thrown at them,  and spat upon because of me?”
– “Do black lives matter to you now?”
– “Is love really the answer?”

I don’t claim to know your heart. I’ve not walked in your shoes. I cannot imagine what has happened to you in your life to cause you to do the things you’ve done.

I do know that your actions have us all afraid to speak because we don’t want anything to be taken the wrong way. We, in no way want to hurt our brothers and sisters.

I also want you to know that while I’m very disappointed in your actions, I recognize that you have fallen for lies from the enemy. The enemy who prowls around our land to seek and destroy and cause chaos. 

He whispered to you and you listened. And today while you sit in a cell, that same enemy continues to whisper to others. He continues to destroy lives, because that is his goal. 

He whispers, “You’re not good enough. Don’t let them get by with that. They’re not like us, so they’re wrong. Ugh, why does he/she have to be that way. He/she is better than me so tear him/her down and I’ll look better.”

Yes, Satan, is the name of that enemy and he’s the very opposite of love. I beg you to quit listening! I beg us all to quit listening to the giver of lies.

Beginning now, in 2020, we choose love. We’ve fought the enemy too long. He’s been the one dividing us in everyday life. Dividing families and friends, schools, communities, churches, states and nations.

Today, choose love. Seek the Floyd family’s forgiveness. Seek our country’s forgiveness. Above all seek God’s forgiveness. It’s a daily choice. One we all make. Love God. Love others. 

Today, Derek, what do you choose? As for me and my house, we choose to love the Lord our God and to love others as ourselves, regardless.

A Child of the King

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