Oct 09, 2021 08:00am
Rooted and Grounded

We are living in an increasingly permissive society where people are allowed to decide their own truth that no one is allowed to question. Even if it’s the biggest batch of craziness the world has ever heard, others cannot challenge “your truth.”    

God’s Word contains truth. The Truth. It is the the best-selling, most-translated book of all time and its truth has never changed despite false interpretations, hatred of its life-giving message, and attempts to destroy it.

Regardless, what’s most important for us to remember is that God’s Word is not only the foundation of our faith but also that it introduces us to the author of our faith. God’s Word is what brings people to the point of receiving Christ through faith.

God’s Word is our strength! Have you ever thought about this?  Maybe you have experienced this truth personally.  It is also possible that you have never relied upon God’s Word as the source for strengthening a Christian’s faith.  Whatever your case may be, I hope that today and through the course of this study God will lead you to discover how truly important his Word actually is.

God’s Word brings people to the point of receiving Christ, and it should be a part of a Christian’s daily life. If a person learns how to put faith in Christ through God’s Word, then it also has much to say about faithfully following him.

In Titus 1:2 we learn that God never lies. This is an amazing truth!  Think about all the times you have lied or been tempted to bend the truth.  Now consider how God has never lied and how his words are always truthful.  This is fantastic news!  It means that when we read God’s Word we can fully trust it as the truth!  Therefore, when we read the conversation between Joshua and God in Joshua 1, we can not only fully trust that it actually happened but also that it is a truth applicable to us today.

Joshua was entering a new and possibly difficult season of life. God reminded him that his focus should be on remembering and obeying God’s Word.  At this point in history, God’s written Word consisted only of what Moses had recorded.  This included the history of Israel and the Law.  

He promised Joshua that the results of trusting him and obeying his commandments would be success and strength as he moved forward into the Promised Land. God would allow Israel to have worldly success when they completely trusted in him. 

This promise applies to us as well. Knowing and obeying God’s ways will bring strength and success to our lives.  However, success and strength are not determined by our own desires and ambitions but according to God’s desire for our lives.  We often misunderstand this “success” to be more money, more popularity or a higher world status.  However, God’s primary desire for our lives is to bring him more glory.

God’s Word is not only how we find truth and strength but is ultimately how we come to salvation in Christ. If we recognize God’s Word as the message of Christ and how we can have salvation through him, then we will also realize that our daily strength comes from allowing him to live his life through us.

Have you ever heard someone say, “I need to get back to my roots”? Most commonly we might hear people say this as they search for their purpose, direction and identity. 

They may say this when experiencing a trying or doubtful season of life. 

They may make this statement knowing that their personal beginnings and roots may bring them some hope, comfort and direction. 

Think of this in regard to God’s Word. Through whom do we find eternal life, abundant life and new life? In Christ! And through the Bible, God’s Word, we hear and read the message of life in Christ. It brings mankind the message of hope and salvation. 

God’s Word, you could say, “is our roots”. 

Let us get back to our “roots” and find the truth of God’s Word.  

The Lord wants to use every season in your life to grow you towards him and show you his power and strength. God’s Word is our strength, and it is what brought us to him through the message of Christ. 

This truth will motivate you to spend time with God in his Word. In John 14:6 Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No man comes to the Father except through me.”  No person will ever have access to God the Father without knowing Jesus.  

Do you have this relationship with Christ? If not surrender your life to Jesus today. 

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