May 02, 2020 08:00am
Quarantine Takeaways: Stripping Away the Extras

I have taken a lot of things in my life for granted. And now with all the “extra” stuff in life stripped away, we are left with the “essentials”. 

Apparently, coffee shops are not essential, nor is going to movie theatres or a concert or a play. 

I miss “therapeutic shopping” where I would go to Ross or TJ Maxx or Target and enjoy looking around but not actually planning on buying anything, just checking out what’s on sale. 

Anyone else saving a lot of money right now? I’m not having to fill my car up with gas every week. I’m not tempted to stop by Don Pepe’s or Wendy’s for lunch or dinner. Amazon still gets me every once in a while, but, I suppose, this quarantine time is an opportunity to reflect on our “normal” lives. 

What do we miss? Why do we miss it? How important is it in the grand scheme of things, really?

“Less is more.” 

Anyone else hear that phrase before? Now, more than ever, we might be experiencing “less”. But what in life is actually “more” right now?

Are we able to spend more quality time with our family? 

Are we making time to genuinely connect with those who are important to us (friends, family)?

Are we appreciating the outdoors, the dog, the simple activities we never had time for? After his  trip to Wal-Mart yesterday, my dad announced that the next items selling out (after hair dye) are bikes. 

We took those biking trails for granted, and now, they might seem to be our only reprieve from a house that might feel like it’s smaller and smaller. 

Maybe we get to work out with our family every morning or do a devotional at dinner or do yoga/stretching before bed. 

Maybe we actually “have time” for that quiet time with God every morning, coffee in hand, before the house wakes up. 

What have we taken for granted?

What have we learned that we actually enjoy about “sheltering in place.” 

What are your quarantine takeaways?

My pastor urged us to write two lists this week: One with all the things we did in our “normal” lives that we enjoyed and will be even more appreciative for once we all “go back.” And another one for all the things we enjoy now that we maybe didn’t have time for pre-corona but should make time for post-corona. 

Also, I’d like to encourage y’all to add another category: All the things I wasted my time on pre-corona that I shouldn’t go back to. Maybe this is “being busy” with so many extracurriculars that are really unnecessary. 

Let’s use this time to sort through our priorities, appreciate what we have, and be thankful for what we had and will have again. 

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