May 30, 2023 18:30pm
Not That One, God

We sorted them, lined them up, and started going through which one was our favorite. It’s hard to pick out the very best Hot Wheels car. But I knew which one was Witten’s favorite.

He started handing me a few and said I could have these. I pointed to the one he had in his hand, his favorite, and said, “What about that one, can I have it?”


And he moved on, talking 100 miles an hour, never missing a beat.

He was willing to give up all the other cars to me, but not that one. He held tight to it.

Let’s dive into Luke. Yesterday, we read that Zacharias was visited by an angel and told he and his wife would have a child. They had been barren, or without a child, for years. But they remained faithful to serving the Lord and, in this moment, the angel was going to bless them. But the unique thing about this story is that Zacharias and Elizabeth were both old.

Listen to his reply to the angel.

Luke 1:18-19
“And Zacharias said unto the angel, Whereby shall I know this? for I am an old man, and my wife well stricken in years. And the angel answering said unto him, I am Gabriel, that stand in the presence of God; and am sent to speak unto thee, and to shew thee these glad tidings.”

Zacharias and Elizabeth had been found faithful in the Lord in all things and He was going to bless them. But, Zacharias was filled with doubt. “How could this be? We are old? God can’t do that!”

We may have had similar thoughts if we were in his situation. Did you notice what he was doing? It’s just like the Hot Wheels cars. He believed in God to do all these things in his life and care for he and his wife, but when it came to this one… Zacharias just couldn’t believe that God would or could make it happen.

“You can have all these things Lord, but you can’t have this one. I’ll keep it. It’s too much to give you, too big. I know what’s best and I’ll keep it.”

In essence, that’s what he was saying to the Lord.

But don’t we do the same?

“Here Lord. You can have all these sins. I repent of them. I want you to forgive me for these. I confess them to you. But I’ll just hold on to this one. I’ll keep it right here. It’s hold on me is far stronger than you can take care of. I don’t want to let it go.”

Or maybe its an issue in your life that you feel you are better suited or qualified than God to help with.

Why do we make our BIG God so small? Is He not the creator of the universe? Is He not the creator of you and me? If everything was made to worship Him, is He not worthy? Does He not have all authority?


It’s time to recognize that our God is bigger than our problems and has all authority in our lives! Give it to God and trust Him to do what needs to be done!

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