Mar 17, 2021 18:00pm
Love Will Get You through It

I’m one of those moms who try to make even the boring tasks fun. One of those boring tasks is cleaning, so when we do chores, I make it into a dance party. 

It’s a very simple game. We crank up some good 80’s music, dance around, and clean the house. It’s a win-win because we have fun together and the house gets clean. 

So today, we were thoroughly enjoying our cleaning dance party day until my daughter managed to trip over her feet.  Well, this lil’ mishap caused her to fall into the cabinets. She immediately begins crying. I come dashing across the kitchen and scoop her up into my arms. 

As the tears stream down her cheeks, I feel helpless. 

I can hold her and comfort her to the best of my ability, but I cannot take away her hurt. And in that moment, God speaks. 

You see, we all have hurts in our life. 

We all have moments when everything is going wrong, we feel like our world is falling apart and our hearts are splitting wide open. 

We simply fall to our knees and cry. 

And just like I hold onto my crying child, I know God the Father holds onto us. We may still experience the pain and heartache, but God remains there with us and comforts us until it passes.

My words to my daughter this morning were simple: “I can’t take the hurt away immediately, but I can love you through it.” 

God may not take the pain completely away from our lives for many reasons. 

Sometimes, the heartache is caused by our own actions, because God is using those circumstances to grow us closer to Him. Or, it could be due to others choices. But regardless, He will hold and comfort us through it. 

Find peace and strength today friends because we have a Father who loves us and longs to keep us in His arms.

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