Jul 06, 2022 08:00am
Just Scoot Over

On my school bus the students have assigned seats. That means they don’t get a choice of where they sit each day, but rather sit where I’ve assigned for them. However, on Fridays we have a little tradition we call “Free Seat Fridays.” If we’ve had no major problems that previous week, I allow the students to pick their seats.

This causes some issues . . .

Without fail, at least once each Friday someone will be the last to sit down and no one will want to scoot over to let him or her into their seat. 

Maybe it’s because they already have two people sitting in their seat and a third would make it cramped. 

Maybe it’s because they are trying to hog the seat to themselves and a second would ruin their plans. 

Or maybe it’s because they just don’t get along with or like the person too much. 

Regardless, they don’t want to scoot over because it would inconvenience them. It usually upsets the person standing up, and I have to intervene.
How many times do we allow our own personal desires and comfort to prevent us from making someone else’s day a little better or easier for them? Many times we have reasons that we think are noble and worthy. We say we are too busy and don’t have time to stop and check on that crying person on the street. We are on too tight of a schedule to slow down to allow that other person to go ahead of us onto the elevator. Our minds are on something else, and that’s why we don’t offer a “Hello” or “Have a good day” to the people we pass in Wal-Mart.
We are so wrapped up in our own comfort and routine that we leave someone standing up, waiting to see the love of Christ in us.  
To make life easier for everyone involved, all it would take is for the students to simply scoot over and let the other person sit down. Often, to bring some light to the dark, scary world of many around us who need Christ, all it would take is for us to scoot over – to find a way to lay aside our own agendas for just a moment so they can see Jesus in us.
So today – will you scoot over?

That’s just a thought, and I welcome yours.
Until next time,

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