May 25, 2023 18:30pm
It’s Time To Serve

The benefit of working for media was having a press pass. If you were working an event, you could show your press pass and get special parking close to the venue, free entry, and even access to hospitality rooms with free food and drinks.

However, that pass was really only to be used when you were actually working the event.

I pulled onto the access road to get into the parking lot of the venue. I wasn’t working this event, but it was so hot outside and I didn’t want to have to walk 2 miles to get in. So, I reached into my console and pulled out my press pass. I flashed it to the parking attendant and he pointed me in a different direction than where all the other cars were headed.

When I got to the lot, I flashed it again and they waved me through.

As I stepped out of the car, one of the young men came over and asked if they could help carry my equipment.


I had to decide in that moment, do I lie and continue to try to use my status for my own benefit or do I come clean?

I spit out some nonsense about not having any equipment that night since I was doing most of my coverage with writing and someone else was getting the footage. He smiled and headed back to park more cars.

That night, I enjoyed all the perks but didn’t do any of the work. I used my influence for my own personal gain instead of what it should have been used for. I put myself first.

And I was wrong.

As we conclude the book of Mark, we look back at this incredible set of scriptures. Mark is an awesome storyteller as he packed a lot into a little. In his account of the gospels, he jumps from one action packed story to another. He gives us great insight into the life of Jesus and His miracles and teachings. As Bro. Clif Johnson shared with me, one theme jumps from the pages of our text.

“Mark’s goal, as I see it, is to prove without a doubt, that Jesus is the Christ, the son of the living God. He does this in two ways. First, in chapters 1-8 he shows that Jesus is a man of authority and power. Note in chapters 1-2 how many times “authority” comes up. In the last half of the book Mark shows Jesus as the suffering servant, of which the apostles never could get their heads around until the day of Pentecost. The suffering servant theme also cuts against the grain of what a Roman would think or expect in a son of a god, until you get to the resurrection.”

So after reading this book, after discovering its truth, what do you know about Jesus?

Can we now say He is the Messiah they had long awaited? Can we recognize His authority and divinity based on His miracles and teachings?


We can also see that Jesus had power and influence. But, what did He use it for- others or His own gain?

The book of Mark shows us that Christ chose to use His authority and power to teach the disciples about servanthood. He chose to heal the sick, wash the disciples feet, and give His life upon the cross. He came to serve and not be served.

What about us? As a follower of Christ, how do we use our influence? Are we in this for our own personal gain of heaven or are we committed to Jesus’ mission of reaching the lost and showing them how to follow Him?

“So then after the Lord had spoken unto them, he was received up into heaven, and sat on the right hand of God. And they went forth, and preached every where, the Lord working with them, and confirming the word with signs following. Amen.” (Mark 16:19-20)

A quick look at any church gives us our answer. Many people who attend are there to consume. They want to receive and be entertained, but they don’t want to serve. The disciples knew their role. They learned it from Jesus and got straight to work as He left this earth.

Are you ready? It’s time to get off the seat and move your feet. It’s time to serve!

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