Apr 25, 2022 18:30pm
God’s Pandemic Instructions

How long do I have to quarantine? How many days after fever before I can be around others? What if my spouse was sick but I never showed symptoms, do I still quarantine? What if I only have one symptom, do I still quarantine? Is the recommended quarantine still 14 days? Some say 7, so which is it? What kind of masks are the best option? Can someone be reinfected? How long should we wash our hands? How do I wash my mask?

Questions swirl through the Internet on google, social media and the CDC website. Press conferences with the Health Department are inundated with these types of questions.

We are in a pandemic. We are dealing with a virus we know little about. When this first started, the immediate action was to go on lockdown and do not have contact with anyone that’s sick.


To stop the spread. In everything the CDC and health departments have recommended, public health experts are determined to stop the spread of this virus.

But these procedures weren’t something designed by man, they were put in place by God.

Throughout the book of Leviticus, we see God teaching the Israelites His law. The law was given to them to instruct them how to be holy, to be different from other nations, and to protect them.

In Chapter 13-14 was all about leprosy, a highly contagious disease. Today we look at Chapter 15, where God gives instructions on what to do when someone is sick or experiences bodily discharge.

“And he that toucheth the flesh of him that hath the issue shall wash his clothes, and bathe himself in water, and be unclean until the even. And if he that hath the issue spit upon him that is clean; then he shall wash his clothes, and bathe himself in water, and be unclean until the even. And what saddle soever he rideth upon that hath the issue shall be unclean. And whosoever toucheth any thing that was under him shall be unclean until the even: and he that beareth any of those things shall wash his clothes, and bathe himself in water, and be unclean until the even. And whomsoever he toucheth that hath the issue, and hath not rinsed his hands in water, he shall wash his clothes, and bathe himself in water, and be unclean until the even. And the vessel of earth, that he toucheth which hath the issue, shall be broken: and every vessel of wood shall be rinsed in water. And when he that hath an issue is cleansed of his issue; then he shall number to himself seven days for his cleansing, and wash his clothes, and bathe his flesh in running water, and shall be clean.” (Leviticus 15:7-13)

Quarantine for 7 days. Wash your hands, your clothes, anything exposed to them. Anyone that’s been around them must do the same. Sound familiar?

God instituted these laws, not to say that someone was dirty or less than because they had these issues, illnesses, or diseases, but because He wanted to protect the nation and their health.

The Bible is full of instructions on how to live our lives, how to avoid sin and its effects, and why we should follow God’s leading.

I would be lost today on what to do if I were sick if it weren’t for the CDC, the information that’s been given out by health officials, and my friends that are in the medical field. The same goes for my spiritual life. I would be lost today if it weren’t for the instructions of God and His guidance. He is our shepherd and we are His sheep. Are you following Him today?

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