Sep 20, 2022 18:30pm
God Keeps His Promises

Big hair, mullets, aqua net, stonewashed, tight cuffed jeans with tank tops, members only jackets and electric guitars… it was the 80s. One of the best generations of music, in my opinion. Survivor had this song called “Broken Promises”. Just the title probably has you remembering times in your own life when a promise was broken. Whether I was the victim or the culprit, there have been more broken promises in my life than I care to count. People will always fail. But there is One that never does. He fulfills His promises in the most perfect and precise way.

“And the LORD gave unto Israel all the land which he sware to give unto their fathers; and they possessed it, and dwelt therein. And the LORD gave them rest round about, according to all that he sware unto their fathers: and there stood not a man of all their enemies before them; the LORD delivered all their enemies into their hand. There failed not ought of any good thing which the LORD had spoken unto the house of Israel; all came to pass.” (Joshua 21:43-45)

I love the way the New Living Translation Bible reads: “Not a single one of all the good promises the Lord had given to the family of Israel was left unfulfilled; everything he had spoken came true.”

So trustworthy, so honorable, so reliable. God keeps His promises. And the most beautiful part was how gracious He was to give it to a people so undeserving.

Sound a little like us? I am undeserving of God’s love and promises. Yet, even while I was a sinner, Christ chose to fulfill His promise and died for my sins so that I could have a future in Heaven. He did that for me, and He did that for you!

He has promised many things, and not once has He ever failed. There are still yet promises to be fulfilled: He will return, He will call His children home, He will punish those who reject Him, He will destroy the enemy, He will set up His kingdom, He will reign forevermore! He will!

I’m trusting in the only true God, who gave us His Son, Jesus Christ our Lord, to be our Savior. There is no other God. There is no other way to this promise but through Jesus.

Do you know Him?

It starts with confessing He is Lord, repenting of your sins against this Holy God, and surrendering your life for HIS will.

I promise you, you will never regret it!

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