Feb 04, 2022 18:30pm
Getting in the Boat

A dear, sweet woman I know is terrified of water. She had an accident on a river when she was pretty young and it left her with a horrible fear of large bodies of water.

One time, her graduating high school class took their senior trip to Florida. It was a decent size group of them and they were having a great time. One day, they decided to go ride a boat out on the ocean.

But she just couldn’t bring herself to go. Of course, she smiled, I’m sure, as she waved to them from the safety of the sandy beach. But as she told this story to me, she said, “You know, I should have gotten in that boat.”

She felt like she missed out.

There are times when I have felt the same way when I have regretted not participating in something. I missed out on some great opportunities and it usually was due to my lack of self-confidence or my fears.

Moses was also afraid.

When we think about Moses, we think of how great a leader he was and all the miracles God worked through him.

But when we read chapter four in Exodus today, you have to think, “Could Moses have missed out?”

“Moses said to the Lord, ‘Pardon your servant, Lord. I have never been eloquent, neither in the past nor since you have spoken to your servant. I am slow of speech and tongue.’ The Lord said to him, ‘Who gave human beings their mouths? Who makes them deaf or mute? Who gives them sight or makes them blind? Is it not I, the Lord? Now go; I will help you speak and will teach you what to say.’ But Moses said, ‘Pardon your servant, Lord. Please send someone else.’ Then the Lord’s anger burned against Moses and he said, ‘What about your brother, Aaron the Levite? I know he can speak well. He is already on his way to meet you, and he will be glad to see you. You shall speak to him and put words in his mouth; I will help both of you speak and will teach you what to do. He will speak to the people for you, and it will be as if he were your mouth and as if you were God to him.’” (Exodus 4:10-16)

Can you imagine what Moses could have experienced if he had just said yes? Instead, he focused on his insecurities and self-doubt.

While God was still glorified by using both Moses and Aaron, and Moses is thought to have been a great leader, how much more could he have been if he had just said yes?

What about you?

This past week, much of what we have studied has been about saying yes to God.

God has called you to repentance. How will you respond?

God has called you to be holy. How will you respond?

God has called you to love others as you love yourself. How will you respond?

God has called you to go and share the gospel. How will you respond?

God has called you to glorify Him in all you do. How will you respond?

Live without regrets.

Don’t look back on this moment years down the road and wish you had gotten in the boat.

Take that step and God promises to be with you for every step after.

Do you trust Him? Respond accordingly today.

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