Jun 01, 2022 08:00am
Empty, Dehydrated, and Broken

John 4:10 “ . . .If you only knew what a wonderful gift God has for you, and who I am, you would ask for some living water.”

Were you aware that the number one reason for dehydration in children is (wait for it) . . .  bedtime! Any caregiver can testify that requesting H2O to stall the bedtime hour becomes more a strategy to pacify and rarely satisfies the real thirst.

Take the Woman at the Well. Her intent was to fill her earthly jars, but doubtful that she was prepared for the spiritual deluge ahead. It’s noteworthy to recall the pattern used by the Master Teacher and Messiah . . . every miracle in the Bible first started as a problem! (Note to self)

This woman’s emptiness was much like ours. The labels may be different, but the feelings are universal: shamed, isolated, immoral, used, overlooked, broken, rebellious, dismissed, lonely, desperate, and sinful. Jesus intentionally handpicked, pursued, and engaged with her. Yes, He stepped toward her. He wasn’t delayed in waiting for the Pinterest-ready version of presentation.  He saw her dehydrated heart . . . and it mattered!

Max Lucado explains, “There are four essential fluids for soul hydration:  

God’s Work, 

God’s Energy, 

His Lordship

His Love.”  

You will find that list easy to retain since it spells W-E-L-L! Without question, the well-watered believer in Christ understands the lifeline of immersion with the Savior and involvement with others. Prioritizing conversations is the starting point.  

Now, let’s be clear.  This woman was seeking to douse her immediate, earthly thirst, while Jesus was offering eternal quenching. It is in the communion with Christ that our thirsty souls are satisfied. Few things in life are as refreshing as a cool glass of water to a thirsty throat. Ben Franklin is quoted as saying, “When the well is dry, we will know the worth of water.” Jesus literally meets us at the point of our prescriptive needs, and often they will serve as object lessons for spiritual transformation. No doubt growth and change are painful, but nothing is as painful as staying stuck, thirsty, or wounded somewhere you don’t belong.

It’s our choice and a fact that we could stand neck deep in the Great Lakes and still remain thirsty. Just like the Woman at the Well, desperation can convince us to react like the scarecrow near Oz, brainless. Or to trek toward powerful wizards of our day for a game plan, but defaulting to anyone other than Jesus is missing the Niagara Falls-sized eternal point! Jesus gave her (and us) so much more. His conversation was holy, others focused, filled with love, sealed with commitment, and of eternal consequence.

Vincent Van Gogh, must have read about this encounter since he was quoted as saying, “What is done in love is done WELL.” Wells, tree stands, grocery store aisles, ball parks, and hospital corridors serve as classrooms with the Master Teacher. God conversations are life-changers. Ask Noah, ask Adam, ask Moses, ask the thief on the cross beside Jesus, or grab a mirror.  

We all exhibit thirsty hearts. In those 10,000,000 tiny moments of exchanges with others, we advertise who we call Lord. Be full to the brim with Christ. You will only slosh onto others what you are filled with . . . make it Jesus!  

It will be “well” with your soul.

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