Sep 12, 2021 08:00am
Do You Need a Face Lift?

We live in an era of plastic surgery. I remember when the only time you heard of someone having a “nose job” or having something else altered was in Hollywood. Now there are TV commercials, Facebook ads, reality shows, and billboards advertising “tummy tucks” and “face lifts.” Seems like everyone is searching for a way to make themselves look like someone else.

I’ve gotten a facelift or two occasionally. I know what you’re thinking, “Tell me who your surgeon is so I can stay away . . . ” No, no, I’m not talking about plastic surgery. I’m talking about something even better – something that goes deeper than only the surface . . . 

Have you ever had a day when a smile just didn’t come naturally? Maybe you’d gotten some bad news, or were having a difficult time at work, or even just didn’t feel that great. A smile didn’t just throw itself on your face that day because you just didn’t feel like it. And then along came someone with some kind word, a hug, or just caring company, and like magic the smile showed up. 

That’s a real face lift.

God has blessed me with a few folks like that in my life. Some have been around for years and others have only come along recently. Regardless of how long they’ve been “turning my frown upside down (had to use that reference at least once), they’re good at it. It’s amazing how even something as simple as a “: – )” in a text message can make me smirk.

But today, as grateful as I am for the “face lifters” in my life, this question comes to my mind: How many people can count on me to do the same? How many people do I bring joy to? How many folks should be getting some inspiration from me on a daily basis when they’re in need of a simple smile?

What about you? Scripture is filled with references to a “merry heart” or “joy.” God’s Word is also clear that we should be inspiring others to “good works,” and being an “encouragement to others.” I want that for myself from others, and I want to be that to others myself.

So what about you today – do you need a face lift? My prayer is that someone will be faithful today to say something, do something, or just be there for you and bring a little joy to your face. We don’t need a plastic surgeon to look better – only a few faithful friends. And those, my friends, are worth more than any money could ever buy.

That’s just a thought, and I welcome yours.

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