Jan 05, 2022 08:00am
Debunking the Psychics

“It was the best reading I’ve ever had.”

“I got everything I could imagine from my reading.” 

“It really felt like she knew me.”

“I’ve never had a reading make me so excited for the future.”

Yep, over-the-phone psychic readings are still a thing . . . California Psychics to be exact, and according to their TV commercial, for a dollar a minute you can receive the “best” psychic reading you’ve ever had or it’s free.  Not sure how they can guarantee that, but one man’s paid testimonial says, “I’ve always been interested in fitness, and my psychic told me that one day I’d own my own gym!”

To say that I’m a skeptic would be an understatement, but what’s worse is that so many people WANT to know their futures so desperately that they would pay money for a stranger to assure them. Sad. And shame on them.

But let’s not get into the weeds of psychics and others who prey on the vulnerable. Here’s my testimonial, and I won’t charge you a dime: The only one who can guarantee your “best” future is God. How does he do it? He sent his Son Jesus to die for us and cover our sins. 

The secular world will tell you that Jesus’ death on the cross and subsequent resurrection is a hoax of monumental proportions, but eyewitness testimonials of those who saw both extraordinary events leave us with too much evidence to discount it. It was enough evidence for Lee Strobel, a man who violently rejected his wife’s Christianity and set off on a quest to disprove it. 

What he found instead was that the Bible’s account was true, and he surrendered his life to Jesus. He records his efforts to debunk Christianity in “The Case for Christ.”

Here’s what he found to be true: God sent his only son to earth to die for our sins, and he offers the free gift of salvation to everyone who believes and asks him to transform their lives. Why would he do that for a world that he knew would reject his son Jesus? Grace. No human deserves it but he offers it anyway and with no strings attached and no extra requirements or work.

The Apostle John explains it this way: “For God so loved the world that he gave his only son so that everyone who believes in him will not perish but have everlasting life.”

Yep, you’ve heard that before. It’s possibly the most memorized Bible verse of all time, but it says everything God wanted to say when he sent his Son to earth. 

If you accept that free gift today, you will receive exactly what I did decades ago. . . 

“the best news you’ve ever had” and “everything thing you could imagine” from someone who can truly “read you” and “knows you” and that will make you “so excited for the future.”

All of that for free, and with no requirement but your acceptance of Jesus’ transforming power to save you.  

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