Sep 18, 2022 08:00am
Creation’s Chorus

The mountains declare the glory of God.
The majesty, the grandeur, the beauty, the incomparable, infinite, incomprehensible—all on display for the looking eye.
The flowers, those 3D color wheels, remind us beauty is God’s design.  Every hue of yellow, orange, blue and purple proclaim, look at me, look at me, reminding us of the Author of Beauty, look at Him, look at Him.  Every stem and petal exhibit the intricate attention of the Master Artist.

The trees, the singing birds, each living thing works together to exhale, glory, glory, glory.

The rocks, the grass, the streams, all say, our God is strong, our God is lush and vibrant.

The riches of His beauty declare, you are loved.

All details of His creation sing in unison, look at the work of His hands.

He has made all things for His glory, lifting gazes to Him, the Exalted One.

What about you, believer? What do you proclaim? What is your contribution to this glory-chorus of creation? Join the proclamation of all creation. This is what you were made to do–it is your purpose and your joy.

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