Dec 25, 2021 08:00am
Christmas Through a Child’s Heart-Pt. 3

There’s a certain purity that can only be found in the heart of a child. Children aren’t afraid to dream and dream big while they’re at it! We all remember dreams and plans we had when we were children that we now realize were farfetched and idealistic. However, as children, we didn’t know those two phrases (farfetched and idealistic); they were just our dreams, and they would be our reality some day, or so we thought.

This morning as I consider the gift given to mankind on Christmas 2,000 years ago, I think about the tiny heart that was found within the tiny chest of the tiny, newborn Savior. But more than the dreams and plans that little child would have once He grew big enough to begin having them, I think about the literal function of that tiny heart.

The heart is a fascinating muscle, pumping and supplying blood to every nook and cranny of our human bodies. If the heart isn’t working just right, the rest of the body suffers. Some organs in our body may function improperly, yet if the heart isn’t working properly it usually doesn’t take long to notice something is just not right. It’s supplying and providing the lifeblood – literally – for our bodies to live.

Inside that little chest of the tiny newborn Savior pumped a heart that not only supplied the lifeblood for that tiny body, but for all mankind.

The blood that flowed through the corridors and channels of that little heart would some day find its way to an old rugged cross. That very same blood would be spilled on the ground as hoards gathered to watch Him die. That very same blood would be received by God the Father as a substitutionary atonement for my sin some day.

Every time I’ve ever lied, cheated, lusted, disrespected, coveted, or failed God in any other way – that little heart was pumping so those things could be forgiven. Every murder committed on this earth could be washed clean by the blood flowing from this little heart. This blood, just like this Child, was destined for greatness and glory, but would first experience suffering and sacrifice.

So the next time you look at a nativity scene, spend a moment considering that flowing through the veins of the tiny Christ child was the salvation of all mankind. In that blood we find our hope – our salvation.

What a tragedy – what an utterly heartbreaking reality – to live your life refusing the very forgiveness that was accomplished on the cross Christ came to Bethlehem to be born for.  

If you’ve never trusted Him for forgiveness of sin, and asked Him to be your Savior and Lord, would you do so right now? A simple prayer – talking to Him – is what He’s waiting for. Admit to Him the reality of your sinful state, ask Him to forgive that sin, and submit to Him your life under His lordship.      

His little heart was beating for you in Bethlehem’s manger. 

That’s just a thought, and I welcome yours.

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