Dec 23, 2021 08:00am
Christmas Through a Child’s Eyes-Part 1

We all know that things look much different through the eyes of a child. There is an unmatched innocence that is found there. However, as Christmas approaches and we hear so much talk about the birth of Christ, my mind drifts to the eyes of the child, Jesus.

When someone is close to an object and has their eyes fixed upon it, you can see a reflection of that object in their eyes. No, it’s not easily noticeable, and you have to be close and looking really intently to see it, but it’s there nonetheless.

None is so close and so intently focused as a brand new mother or father. That’s why I think Mary and Joseph saw it – I think they saw the reflection.

It wasn’t just any reflection either. The troubling dilemma for them must have been that the reflection seen in the eyes of the baby Christ wasn’t even of something found in the stable in which He was born. As a matter of fact, the image reflecting from His infant eyes wasn’t even located in the town where they were at the time of His birth.

But His eyes were fixed on it, nonetheless, and intently too.

I wonder if the shepherds could see the image radiating from the pupils of this infant Redeemer. Were they able to notice where His eyes were focused – and what His ultimate destination would be?

Even more than 2,000 years later, as we celebrate Christmas and all that it entails, if we look closely with all of our attention and focus, we can see it. There in the eyes of a tiny newborn yet ageless child is the reflection – of a cross.

Even before the moment of His first breath in human lungs, His ultimate purpose has been to die. His entire reason for coming to this sin-sick earth was to be a redemptive Lamb, sacrificed on a cross-shaped altar, and carrying on His own back the sin of every single human to ever walk this earth.

So as we gather around and sing our Christmas songs, may we remember: There was a shadow hanging over that manger on that silent night, and it was the shadow of a cross. Our Savior, though peacefully sleeping that night, would soon begin His journey to our own consequences. 

And He is forever deserving of our utmost praise for that gift.

That’s just a thought, and I welcome yours.

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