Jan 12, 2022 08:00am
Breaking News for the Nations

Good Morning, Japan. I have an app on my iPhone that gives me “Breaking News Updates. This  news ranges anywhere from financial news to high profile sports news. Basically anything worth sharing is sent as a “Breaking News Alert” to my cell phone. This morning when I woke up I had one waiting to inform me that Japan had a new leader.

Maybe my mind works differently than it should, but that news update made me begin to think . . .  All the way around the world, the people of Japan are experiencing change. I have no idea how this new man will change the course of that nation, but no doubt most of the people of that Japan do. I don’t know what he stands for or what his agenda is, yet the people who he will now lead most assuredly know much of that. 

Just because it’s not news to me doesn’t mean it isn’t news to someone else.

Today we will all walk past people who have some major breaking news in their own lives. That woman you meet walking into Wal-Mart may be dealing with the news that her husband is leaving her today. That man who opened the door for you at McDonald’s may have just found out he has cancer. That teenager walking down the sidewalk that you pass may feel so hopeless and numb that she will inflict pain on herself just to feel something. That elderly man driving in front of you may feel so alone since his wife passed away that he’s decided to take his own life. News is happening in their world.

And we have a choice to make. We can see these people and treat them as if they’re in our way, only slowing us down and keeping us behind schedule in our busy lives. Or we can think outside our own little box of personal news and try to show them Jesus. The choice is up to you.

We all have our own issues and news that’s breaking in our lives. The truth is, however, that just because your news is good today doesn’t mean everyone else’s is. Someone, somewhere, maybe the guy ahead of you in traffic, needs someone to care enough to share the greatest “breaking news” ever: Jesus died on a cross so he could heal you, give you that no-strings-attached grace you don’t deserve, forgive your sin and save you. He longs to hold you in the palm of his hand for eternity.

So look around and take notice today. You may very well be the person who actually cares enough to save a life today. Now, where was I? Oh, yes, good morning Japan! Make Jesus your Lord and Savior today; he’s waiting for you . . .

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