Jun 19, 2022 08:00am
Avoid Bruises and Turn on the Light

Common sense would tell you that wandering around in a dark house is dangerous. Most people would agree that simple furniture such as coffee and end tables aren’t in dangerous places unless the lights are off. And anyone who is average height would also agree that the heights of the aforementioned articles of living room furniture are strategically and coincidentally the same as the average person’s shins.

I suppose this is as good time as any to mention that I have two deeply bruised shins right now. Both bruises were not earned at the same time but are two separate and equally exciting examples of my desire to do things my own way. They are distinct and noticeable, not just in color but also in shape, as they are both nice-sized knots on both shins. 

They are simple reminders of my inability to both see and navigate an all too familiar house while in the dark.

Darkness makes things dangerous. 

A familiar parking lot during the daytime can become a haven for crime and violent acts after dark. 

Simple roads that are easily driven during the day suddenly become dangerous and risky when the sun goes down.

And yes, even a living room can become a virtual minefield for the average person when the lights are off. 

But there’s a simple solution to the presence of darkness: Light shatters darkness. The inability of darkness to exist in the light should serve as a huge dose of truth to us every time we see it. Each time we turn on a light switch, we should, at least for a moment, take into account and allow ourselves to remember that darkness flees from the light. This is so very true in the spiritual realm.

Our lives are often filled with bruised shins, right? Spiritually speaking, we find ourselves bruised and beaten by sin time and time again. We wonder how sin can continue to defeat us over and over, often in the same ways. And darkness is never satisfied with partial control, but, rather, once sin begins to sneak in, eventually its chains bind us in total ways. Darkness never stays confined to a corner but will slowly but surely take over a room if light is turned off.

My shins would be okay today if I’d made a simple choice the other night. You see, there is a  simple-to-operate switch that could have eliminated BOTH my painful experiences. I was in a hurry, however, and simply thought I didn’t have time to reach for that switch. I could just get what I came for each time and go back to bed. And now my shins are paying the price.

Take the time to turn on the switch, friend. Spend regular time with God in prayer, and let Him speak back to you through His Word. “Hide his Word in your heart that you might not sin against Him,” as the Psalmist said. 

Darkness will flee when the Light of the world is turned on.

Don’t let yourself become convinced that darkness isn’t that big of a deal. The truth is, a life lived in darkness will produce a lot more scary consequences than simple bruised shins.

That’s just a thought, and I welcome yours.
Until next time,

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