May 12, 2022 08:00am
Are You Standing in the Overflow

Picture with me for a moment a jug of water and an empty glass. As I’m talking with you I begin to pour that water from the jug into that empty glass. The glass is no longer empty, but quickly begins to be filled. As I continue to talk, the water level continues to rise, until finally it reaches the top. I don’t stop, but rather I continue to pour. As I keep on pouring, the water overflows from the glass and begins to spill everywhere. I still don’t stop. I continue by pouring all of the contents of the jug into the glass, until all around us is a puddle of water. That’s the overflow.

We’re now standing in the overflow.

Throughout the New Testament, we read of a “filling” that can occur for believers. We first see it in the book of Acts when the Holy Spirit is sent to dwell in the hearts of followers of Christ on the Day of Pentecost. But the idea continues throughout the Word from there on out. It’s not just having the presence of the Holy Spirit – which all of us who have asked Christ to save us have. No, it’s a step further than that. It’s a filling – it’s a desire to not just have Him, but to be FULL of Him. And once we’re living FULL of Him, He wants to keep on pouring into us.

I have seen what happens when people live as overflowing vessels. No doubt many of you have, too. These are the folks who can’t help but talk about Jesus to their lost friends and family. It’s just what comes out when they begin conversations. It isn’t forced; it just seems to overflow. These are the folks who have that encouraging word so eagerly coming from their mouths instead of tearing others down all the time. They don’t have to force those uplifting words; they just seem to overflow. These are the folks who want to serve Christ in the church no matter what the cost. Sure they get tired, but it’s almost as if they don’t have to force themselves to get up and be a part of what God is doing. It just overflows from their lives. And when you get a few folks like that together, man alive, the glory will roll!

BUT I’ve also known people, and actually spent a great deal of time with a few of them, who are definitely overflowing, just not in the same way. It seems like all they have to say is negative. They’re always complaining about something. Nothing is ever right, and if you ever fail them you’ll hear about it from now until eternity. And then they get around someone else of like mind and the gossip begins to roll like the waters of the Nile. But in their defense, it’s not like they’re forcing this type of attitude. They’re just overflowing.  
The difference is simple: Whatever is being poured into us on a regular basis is what will overflow out of us into the world around us. And when it’s all said and done, the world will be standing in a puddle of our overflow, whether good or bad. The question is this: Are you allowing Him to pour Himself into you on a daily basis so that your overflow will be His Spirit to those around you? Or are you allowing the enemy to pour himself into you so the world only feels the effects of the devilish overflow of your life?

Today, ask God to fill you up to overflowing with Him. 

Ask Him to overflow you into the lives of everyone you come into contact with. 

Ask Him to show himself to them through you.

Ask Him for the overflow. 

And when that prayer is answered, just get ready: You’re gonna have some wet feet.

That’s just a thought, and I welcome yours.
Until next time,

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