Mar 26, 2022 08:00am
Are You Headed Toward or Away From Him?

Just after Jesus finished his Sermon on the Mount, Matthew says this about Jesus’ powerful words: “When Jesus had finished (speaking) these words (on the mountain), the crowds were astonished and overwhelmed at His teaching.” Likely the most famous sermon ever, these “beatitudes” turned people’s way of thinking completely upside down, particularly when he said that the poor would actually be rich in his Father’s kingdom . . .  

We are all guilty of giving thought to what we wanted to “BE” when we grew up. Aside from a few outliers – Ninja, Octopus Trainer, and Dog Food Taster – responses to that question haven’t changed much in the last several years (according to Imagination Report by Fatherly). 

Jesus plainly answers that question in Matthew 5 with qualities of Christ’s humanity described in the BE-attitudes. “The first four demonstrate need while the second four focus on giving, thus balancing our blessedness by abiding in Christ’s mindset and modeling” (The Mind of Christ by Hunt and King). 

Sadly, in today’s world we might more frequently observe the following: 

Blessed are the selfish, for they seem to get what they want. 

Blessed are the loud, for they seem to be heard. 

Blessed are the hard-boiled for they appear to be worriless.

Blessed are the arrogant, for they seldom see beyond their mirror. 

Yet the Bible offers the Christ-like attributes we would be wise to follow: 

Blessed are those who realize their spiritual poverty and turn to God. 

Blessed are those who accept life and their own limitations.

Blessed are those who are real/compassionate in their thoughts and feelings. 

Blessed are those who help others to live together peaceable. 

Perhaps wondering what we will grow up to “be” has already been revealed. Maybe we find in life what we want to find, what we seek, and what consumes our time and money. What we choose to “BE-come” is a path of decisions made daily that projects our journey . . . Maybe it’s as easy as 180 degrees . . . Which direction are you headed, toward God or away from him?

Let’s face it. Our days are not static. Check your divine compass and turn toward God. You will end up “BE-ing” in the happily ever after of His story for you.

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