Jan 20, 2022 08:00am
A Moment of Perspective

Eye Openers . . .

You know what those are, don’t you? Those “ahah” moments along the way in our lives when God allows us to hear something, observe something, read something, etc. that really puts life back into perspective. Well, this weekend I had one of those eye-opening moments. 

Friday afternoon I picked up a book that had been on my shelf for some time. But for whatever reason (God’s timing) I had not been drawn to it until then.

The book is on China as one of the last superpowers of the world before the great battle of Armageddon. I have hardly put the book down since I started reading that night. I actually spent all the next day in my PJs with that book in my hand. 

But why the eye opening moment? Because weeks previous to this, there was this stuff going on in my home church that was depressing. You know how that is, too. Home churches are like families, and if you have a family, you have “stuff” along the way . . . Same applies to our churches, and both provide opportunities to grow! The point?

God reminded me that our missionaries and their families risk their lives in some of these foreign countries with the only desire: “to share the good news of the gospel”. 

I was so challenged to look into my heart and see if I desire to share the good news every opportunity I have.

Am I making opportunities? Truthfully, I used to have that heartbeat, but somewhere along the way I have been lured away from that desire. And I use the word lured because that is what the enemy does– he lures us away from the sharing of the gospel, but he does so with lots of spiritual things! 

Well, my eyes are open again, praise God! If yours are not, let me just say, “Wake up, my friend!” Satan does not want the gospel to spread, and he’s actively involved in keeping us from telling others about the reason Jesus came to earth to die on the cross for us. Keeping us from knowing that salvation comes with no other requirements than your faith in Christ and surrender to his will. Keeping us from responding to the Holy Spirit’s nudging to be Jesus to the world.

Missionaries/pastors/ministry leaders are not the only ones called to have missionary hearts! 

Please pray for missionaries all over this world, and remember that you are also a missionary! There is an enemy out there ready to lull all of us to sleep. Let’s help keep each other awake and  on watch! Look for the opportunity to tell someone about Him today, and praise God we can do so without risking our lives, at least for this season, in America. 


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