Dec 11, 2021 08:00am
A Faith Journey for the Wise Men – Part One

They traveled from many miles away to see Him. These “wise men,” these men who had status and great dignity, came a very long way to witness for themselves the Christ child. They knew from the prophecies that He was coming. They knew what the age-old traditions said. But that wasn’t good enough for them – they had to see Him for themselves.

When they came they brought three gifts that we are told about in Scripture. You know the story . . . those gifts were gold, frankincense, and myrrh. They brought gifts because they were coming to visit the one who deserved gifts. They were coming to see one that had made a journey from heaven to earth – a far greater distance than they had traveled to see Him. And these gifts they brought had a much deeper significance than many knew.

Gold was a reminder that He was royalty. Not only was He born a king but He was also born the King of kings. The very Son of God himself came in human form to be one of us so He could be our redeemer King. He was royalty, and they were admitting that by bringing gold. 

Have you brought your gold to Him yet? Have you admitted to Him that He is the king of your life? Maybe today is a good time to start.

Frankincense was a reminder that He was sinless and holy. This incense was used in temple worship to signify the holiness of a perfect God. And these wise men knew who Jesus was – He was the sinless Son of Jehovah who would remain sinless throughout His life for our sake. 

Have you brought your frankincense to Him yet? Have you admitted to Him that you accept His sinlessness, holiness, and perfection? Maybe you could do that right now.

Myrrh was a reminder that He was born to die. This was an element commonly used to prepare bodies for burial. Strange that they should bring this as a gift for a newborn child. But they are reminding us by bringing this gift, that this Child was born for one purpose: to be a sacrificial lamb, our Redeemer, and pay for the sin of all mankind, past, present and future. 

Have you brought your gift of myrrh yet? Have you admitted to Him that you are a sinner and asked Him to forgive that sin by what He did on the cross so long ago? He died for you. Will you accept that gift today?

You may know the Christmas story. You may know all the background of what happened in Bethlehem. But have you seen Him yourself? It’s not enough just to know about Him. You’ve got to know Him personally. That’s the story of the wise men’s journey to meet Him and give themselves to Him. 

That’s just a thought, and I welcome yours.
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