Jul 26, 2021 08:00am
A Christian Father From a Daughter’s Perspective

Father’s Day was last month, so forgive me for being late to honor my father . . .

Growing up in a Christian family, I always sought my parents’ approval. I didn’t want to let them down, especially my dad.

They have always told me that I am like my dad. Not only physically but also mentally. Hearing that, I was amazed because I didn’t believe it. How can such a stubborn person resemble a man so faithful and firm in the Word of God?

As you know, maturity is expected to come with age. But now, at 21-years-old, I have started to analyze my dad’s life and have found valuable gems.

Since he was young, my dad has been serving in the church. He was a youth leader, he became a church elder at age 20, and now he is a missionary pastor.

God has always provided opportunities for him, whether it’s for his college career, to support his family, or to serve others as the Bible commands. I have come to realize that my dad puts God as his top priority. This allows his life to bear fruit, but it does not mean that he is perfect or that his life is easy.

My dad grew up in a poor neighborhood. He went to a public university and had to work very hard to pay for his studies. He married at age 31 and pursued his electrical engineering career. Working in the national electric power company, many disrespected him since he did not allow dishonest things to happen while he was there. He always wanted to honor God. God noticed that and took care of him.

Living in the United States, my dad never complained about the jobs he had to do before going back to work in an office. He washed bathrooms at Verizon Arena, worked as a cook at Chick-fil-A, tried to work in construction, among other things. He was humble and didn’t mind working on things that college-educated people would never imagine doing. God saw that too.

But my dad doesn’t just provide for my financial needs. One of his missions is for his children to be his disciples. He cares about our spiritual health.

This morning I woke up in a very strange and downcast mood. When I left my room, I saw Dad, and I told him how I felt. He immediately began to look up Bible verses and advise me. My dad is the person who supports me the most. He goes to all my concerts and plays. Every afternoon he asks me how my day was. He is always taking care of me.

Recently my dad was diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy. It has been painful for him and the family. However, he continues to trust God’s plan for his life. I will appreciate your prayers for my dad.

As I continue to think about him, I have realized that God has given me the same gift of leadership that He gave my dad. I long to be able to follow in my dad’s footsteps, a loving and God-fearing father. 

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