Nov 03, 2020 08:00am
5 Tips For Biden and Trump

Dear Future POTUS, 

First of all, congratulations on reaching a dream many think about but rarely are willing to sacrifice all it takes to get there. I’m sure you have lost many nights of sleep, missed family activities, had to sever relationships, and had to wear a smile when all you may have wanted to do was scream and shout or hide back under the covers in bed.

Regardless of what many may think or desire, we come down to you two: Joe Biden and Donald J. Trump. Two people so very much alike and yet so very different. 

Mr. Biden, if you become POTUS, you’ll make history as being the oldest elected President in history. You would also have the first female VP. Those are extraordinary big shoes with responsibilities too numerous to name. Young boys and girls will look to you and Mrs. Harris to be the example of leaders, a lady, and a cheerleader in their corner. 

Mr. Trump, if the vote swings your way, you will once again serve as president. Business man to POTUS; all eyes have been watching, all ears listening, how will you make a difference in the next four years? 

The America my children are growing up in is so vastly different from the America I grew up in back in the 70s. Growing up in Texas in the 70s was lighthearted and fun. Oh sure, we had our fair share of trouble and financial struggles, but my biggest concerns then don’t compare to the concerns I have for the children of today. My children.

My children know words like ISIS, jihad, human trafficking, pornography; and added to their vocabulary this year more words like pandemic, Covid19, and social distancing. To be quite honest, when I was eleven years of age, I had never really heard about any of these words much less have them as a real part of my world. 

I was never aware of anyone who would be so angered by law enforcement officers that they would want to kill them and actually follow through with it. The police were our friends and there to protect us and keep us safe. 

I was never aware of anyone wanting to kill someone for being a Christian, much less fly planes into buildings, killing thousands, to prove their loyalty to a god of another religion. I definitely never could have fathomed slavery still being around when I was a grown up and having more slaves than ever before in the history of the world through human trafficking. 

I realize the two of you are running for the most important job in the free world and I’m just a middle class mom of two in the South, but can I give you some advice?

First, seek God daily. You may become POTUS, but you will NEVER be King of all Kings. It will be easy to become arrogant and proud, but know the greatest of leaders, Jesus, is a servant to all.

Second, know the greatest wisdom in the world is not found in your cabinet, but in the Creator. Wisdom is found in God’s Word. Read it. Highlight it. Memorize it. Live it.

Third, remember little eyes and ears are watching and listening. I’m certain my grandmother would have had you sucking on a bar of Lava soap for the things I’ve heard come out of both of your mouths. (Cursing is for the ignorant; don’t play into that game.)

Fourth, balanced budgets, healthcare, border patrol and education are all important, but remember it’s the people you serve, not the pocketbooks.

Lastly, know that children are our greatest commodity. Give them, first’ a chance to live then protection to grow up. Set an example before them in your walk, your talk, your life. It may sound cliché, but no one truly cares how much you know until they know how much you care. 

I’ll quote the wisest man I know, my husband, “Your walk talks and your talk talks, but your walk talks louder than your talk talks”.

I’m praying daily for both of you and trusting Romans 8:28 (You should definitely look it up.) whatever the election’s outcome.


Middle Class Mom

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