Oct 11, 2019 08:00am
4 Dangers of Neglecting the Bible

Neglecting the Bible is nothing new in this world. But what we’re facing today in the West involves proclaiming Christians moving away from the Bible. 

A whole swath of people embrace a Christianity without the Bible. They are worshipping a ‘Jesus,’ but not the one from the Bible. A whole lot of people are enjoying for themselves a phantom religion. A worthless god.

There are real dangers lurking the paths of a Bible-less faith. And this goes for the many churchgoers who will frequent a pew a couple times a month. They don’t hate the Bible. Oh no, they are actually quite fond of it. But they neglect it still. 

It’s not a joy; it’s not a habit; it’s not how “I personally” connect with God; so it’s not a priority.

But listen, for those who desire a biblically saturated life yet find themselves struggling how to even “get back into it,” check out this article. There is grace, safety, and time for you.

Still, here are four dangers associated with the Bible-less lifestyle, even for those possessing the best of intentions:

#1 Not Knowing the Real Biblical Jesus

No Bible, no Jesus. Guys, our imaginations are thrillingly spectacular. Our opinions are valuable. Our reason, rationale, and logic can be quite impressive. But none of this combined leads to a knowledge of the actual Jesus alive and in heaven right now. 

We need the Bible. It’s our portal, our clear window, our direct line into knowing the King.

#2 At the Mercy of Clever, Popular, Ear-Tickling Teaching

If you aren’t tethered to Scripture, and if your thinking isn’t drenched in biblical thought, anybody can persuade you. Whether it’s in a book, at a church, a friend, or that YouTuber, without the Bible your best filter for truth is what “sounds right” or worse, what “feels right.” 

Again, this is happening. To millions. Let us all stay watchful. And vigilant in our studies. False teachers aren’t going anywhere. As the late J.C. Ryle said, with his characteristic pointedness, about the one who neglects the Bible, 

“You may go tumbling from one step of delusion to another, till at length you are landed in the pit of hell.” Oh, may it never describe us!

#3 A Dull Blade on the Battlefield

To fulfill either the Great Commandment (loving God and others) or the Great Commission (discipleship) requires a robust, working knowledge of Scripture. It is impossible to love both neighbor and God well if our hearts aren’t formed by the Word. 

And it is straight nonsense to believe we can “teach others to observe all that Jesus commanded” (Matthew 28:20) if we’re neglecting the source of Jesus’ commandments. Without the Bible, even with hearts dripping with compassion, we are useless for the harvest.

#4 Losing Your Soul

We must pause and consider this. I don’t wish to stir unnecessary fear in your heart. Yet at the same time, we must always examine ourselves (2 Corinthians 13:5). If God really did give us Scripture to make us “wise for salvation” (2 Timothy 3:15), then to neglect it is a terrifying reality. 

Now this doesn’t mean we approach the Bible “to make sure I stay saved!” No, no. It’s clearer to simply focus on the danger of neglecting the Bible. As Jonathan Edwards said in the 18th century, “So many people are going to hell. What saves them? The word of God.”

As we move forward as Christians, let’s do it tethered to the Word. Let’s stop neglecting the Bible. Forget how good you’ve been in the past. Forget how bad you’ve been, too. Starting now, take your next step – a small one. But a real forward step.

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