May 01, 2019 09:00am
Two Lies & Two Truths About Joy & Peace

Do you want more joy and peace in your life? Who doesn’t, right?

I’ve never heard anyone say, “You know, I could use a little less joy,” or “I’ll pass on this whole peace stuff.”

No. We long for joy and peace. We search for it, crave it, and desire it. Also, we don’t want it in moderation; rather, we long to be filled and overflowing with joy and peace.

Even though we long for joy and peace, we aren’t exactly sure where to find it. It’s easy to look for it in the wrong places and discover later we are still empty and void on the inside.

Here are two lies you may have believed about joy and peace:

Lie #1 – I’ll have more joy and peace when I have more money.

When asked what financial prosperity looks likes, most people say, “Just a little more.” We think things like:

  • If I just made a little more money.
  • If I could afford x, y, and z.
  • If we could just get over this financial hump, we could….

We’ve bought into the lie that more money would produce more joy and peace.

You can’t purchase joy or peace.

An illusion is something that looks and feels real but isn’t real. Having more money can appear to bring with it a life of ease, but in reality, we’re left with a craving for more. Money can never fill the empty reservoir of joy and peace in our lives.

Lie #2 – I’ll have more joy and peace when I have fewer problems.

Imagine your life without problems. It sounds pretty amazing, right? Life would appear to be more joyful and peaceful if we never had car troubles, never experienced issues at work, never fought with our spouse, and the kids always did as they were told.

But unless you live in a world of fairies and unicorns…

You.              Have.              Problems.

If joy and peace are found when our problems go away, then you can kiss joy and peace goodbye. Forever.

Joy and peace are not the absence of problems, but rather qualities discovered in the midst of problems. 


If these are lies about joy and peace, where do we find real, lasting joy and peace?

When Paul nears the end of his letter to the Romans, he leaves them with this comforting thought: “May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust Him…,” Romans 15:13a. God’s Word reveals two sides of the joy and peace coin.

Truth #1 – God is the Source of joy and peace.

He is the One who fills our lives with indescribable joy and unwavering peace. Other gods in the world can try to replicate what God offers, but they will all fall short, leaving us lacking and wanting.

The closer you draw to the God of hope the more you receive His lasting joy and peace.

Truth #2 – Trust increases joy and peace.

Paul says you are filled with joy and peace “as you trust Him.” Trusting in God tips the scales of joy and peace in our favor. The more we trust God, the more we realize our purpose, which brings joy to our hearts. The more we trust God, the more confident we become in His plan which brings more peace in our lives.

Where are you looking for joy and peace in your life? Spend time with God today through prayer and reading His Word and watch His overwhelming joy and peace begin to grow in your life.

Andy Comer –