Aug 29, 2022 08:00am
Stretch Those Humility Muscles

I’ve spent decades in the sporting goods department of stores with my guys! We’ve accumulated tons of gear to target the “sweet spot” for tennis, baseball, and golf. To consistently find that sweet spot (most effective contact) with the ball takes diligence and perfect practice. 

Effectiveness is found in consistency. 

God has also gifted each of His children with a “sweet spot” to humbly serve others. Max Lucado states, “Stand at the intersection of your affections and successes to find your uniqueness.” Thankfully, every believer makes the “cut” and participates in the game of life. There are no benches to warm in making His name known. Every day you are on tour“ or “called up” where training and equipping isn’t limited to the spring or by a less than stellar coaching staff. 

No doubt, humility is critical for the Christian’s walk, but sadly missing on too many resumes. Therefore, it might be wise to note Sam Walton’s advice: “It’s unhealthy to marinate in your own press clippings. “Choose humility and serve! If you need to lay down a bunt to move someone to second base spiritually, choose to sacrifice. Team players stand out because they think past tomorrow’s headlines. Look for opportunities this week to be an MVP for God’s kingdom. 

Suit up and stretch those humility muscles and aim for the fence knowing you are playing on God’s undefeated team.

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