Mar 19, 2019 18:39pm
Say It Isn’t So…

Last week’s revelation that fifty people had been charged in scams to get their kids into colleges illegally did not really surprise me.

Two of those accused were actresses whose careers go back decades. Also not a surprise, sadly.

The real surprise was that one of those actresses, Lori Loughlin, has built her career on family-oriented, wholesome shows like Full House and When Calls the Heart.

Those of us who prefer that kind of entertainment also believed that in some way Loughlin was one of us, above reproach, someone who refused to compromise her beliefs. Apparently we were wrong.

A friend wrote the following “letter” to Aunt Becky, Loughlin’s Full House character who, at one point on the show, refused to use money and fame to get her twin sons into a prestigious preschool.

Dear “Aunt Becky”,

I’ve seen the headlines on social media news stories. I’ve heard it on the radio. I’ve seen news stories galore. 

“How could she?” 

“What was she thinking?” 

“And she was one of the good ones!” 

Those are all things I’ve heard said about you this week. 

Honestly, I have a tad bit of an idea what you were thinking. You were thinking you wanted the absolute best for your girls. You want the best of everything for them: clothes, education, cars, homes, friends, etc., etc., etc. 

I get it. I’m a mom, too. I want the absolute best for my children, too.

For my children, I want the best this world has to offer in love, and that is found in God through Jesus Christ.
For my children, I want them to know that home is a safe place. Always. 
For my children, I want them to learn the things that matter most in this life.

Whether that is at Yale or at a barn, I want them to know that what matters most is people. 

And truth. 

And faith. 

And hope. 

And love. 

And honesty. 

And humility. 

And forgiveness.

For my children, I want them to have nice things, but above that I want them to be nice people.
For my children, I want them to be liked by others, not on Instagram or YouTube, but in a way that others desire to have what they have…

The love and hope that comes from Jesus. 

For my children, I want them to always know I’m their biggest fan and I will always have their backs.
For my children, I want them to never take their blessings for granted.

For my children, I want them to know that every single person in this world has a story about why they are, where they are, and why they do the things they do.

 I believe that is true of you, too. You have a story, and right now part of that story is all over the headlines. I cannot even begin to imagine…

This I do know, there is a God that looks at my sins the same as He looks at yours. We are all guilty of something. My stones will not be thrown at you, “Aunt Becky”. 

I will use this whole experience to teach my young daughter that everyone in this world is looking for someone to put on a pedestal. Someone to worship. 

We are best not to place people there, because they will fall and fall hard. That place on the pedestal is reserved for just One. The One who loves us above all. Regardless.

He has a home waiting for all of us who believe, and His house is never a Full House. 

There’s always room for more. 

Just another Mom

Toya Aultman