Oct 06, 2021 08:00am
Not a Quitter

It has been fourteen years since I surrendered my life to the ministry of preaching God’s Word. 

I fully realize that many share that “tenure” count with others for “bragging rights.” At times, it’s almost as if some preachers wish they could wear stripes on their sleeves as a badge of honor so the world could see how long they’ve been serving God in ministry. 

Ministry is the greatest calling and life focus on the planet, and I believe that with all my heart. However, my length of service to Him isn’t a reason to brag on myself but something that impresses me about Him. You see, it’s not that I’ve somehow remained faithful to Him all this time because of some great thing in me. 

Honestly, why wouldn’t I continue serving Him? After all, He’s so good! I have everything to gain in this scenario! The years haven’t been years of great “sacrifice” or laboring with no reward. It’s actually been just the opposite! Ministry is the greatest “job” in the world – and I have had the greatest “Boss” anyone could ever ask for. 

Serving Him isn’t a great sacrifice at all – it’s the most rewarding and blessed life there is. So why wouldn’t I continue to “hang in there?”

The remarkable thing isn’t me at all, friend – it’s Him! You see, for fourteen years now He hasn’t quit on me! That’s incredible! Every single week I give God dozens of reasons to quit on me. I fail so much more often than I succeed, and no matter how passionate or committed I think I am for Him, I’ll find ways to drop the ball. If there’s anyone who pushes the limits of grace, it’s me. Paul said he was the “chief of sinners,” but that was before my life here on earth!

Yet He has never walked away. Time after time after time – failure after failure after failure – in times when I lived more by the flesh than by faith – He was and still remains faithful . . . always.
So no, I’ve never walked away from God and been a quitter as it relates to ministry life, but that’s not remarkable. It would be crazy to walk away from this God I know.

The incredible truth is that He has never quit on me. If anyone deserves a pat on the back for tenure and longevity, it’s God, by far.

Join me today in praising Him for His un-matchable, un-questionable, mind-blowing, and amazing grace! Commit your day to bringing Him honor, glory, and praise for maintaining and continuing faithfulness toward us.

That’s just a thought, and I welcome yours.
Until next time,