Aug 08, 2019 07:00am
Lifeword: What I Learned as an Intern

by Melody Siebenmann

I have almost completed 120 hours of internship work for Lifeword. And I must say it has been such a good experience for me!

Also you should understand that I had no idea who they were or what they did before wanting to come intern here!

I was raised in an SBC church and so I didn’t even realize the BMA existed until I learned they were the association CBC is aligned with (the college I have been enrolled in for three years now). 

But over these last few months, I have learned so much by applying my Multimedia Communications degree for the Lifeword team and also just about Lifeword itself and the heart of the BMA. 

It’s a mission. 

It’s a ministry. 

It’s a passion for every single person who comes to the office every day with a smile on their faces because they know they are contributing to something. Whether they are in the accounting and administration wing or on the Productions team or with BMA missions or Lifeword alike- they all share the same heartbeat- Jesus Christ. 

As far as Lifeword itself, I was impressed and even pleasantly surprised that an association has a team of individuals attempting to have gospel programming accessible in hundreds of languages via cloud. This is an outreach, and I have seen every person employed by Lifeword diligently work to achieve their goals. 

As for the technical skills I have learned… Let’s just say I have copy edited pages upon pages of Christian blog posts, which I didn’t know how to do priorly so I had to learn :blog style” and read up on the Christian Writer’s Manual of Style. 

But they have also given me the opportunity to write blogs myself and even work on my own set of devotionals, which has been really neat for me personally! 

On top of writing and copy editing, I learned how to design social media graphics for Lifeword en Español’s facebook page. This was a fun job for me because I had to find pictures that fit with the language or country and also apply design elements I had learned in class to make them look appealing. It was just cool to use the skills I was taught for my degree in a real-world setting. 

But most importantly, I learned about the people here, and they truly make you feel right at home in this family-oriented atmosphere. 

Yes, I expected to learn and apply skills from class in a professional environment.

No, I wasn’t expecting what a blessing every single person who works at the BMA headquarters would be. 

Their friendliness, their genuineness and their desire to serve God together has been humbling for me to experience this summer. 

I have learned a lot from them and experienced much love that they give freely to anyone who walks through the doors! 

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time as an intern here and would say I would do it over again in a heartbeat. 

Because it’s a family, a family on mission.