Mar 25, 2020 08:00am
How ‘Bout Painting, Planting and Playing During this Pandemic?

For all of those who are now at home, without five billion activities to rush to, without sports, without even an office to go to . . .

We all may become very tired of the house we live in and eager to do something other than watching the news or scrolling through social media. 

I have good news – now is the time to do all the stuff you have been wanting to do for a very long time but haven’t had the time to do it. 

So, if you are already tired of sitting on the couch binging Netflix or Hulu or even tired of reading books, here are some suggestions fit for the whole family:

1. Spring clean-out comes early. 

It’s time to take inventory. Have your kids go through all their stuff, clean out and clear out. Or repurpose things! 

Now is the time to organize your “junk room” or office that desperately needs to be dusted and sorted through. Or, if you have recently moved, it’s time to unpack and decorate your house. 

Some people love doing things like this, other people come up with a billion excuses to push it off… Except now, there might not be as many excuses. Plus, it can be therapeutic to the Monica Gellers of the world.

2.  Get outside. Go walk the dog, or just get out into your front yard. 

How many of us have landscapes that might need some weeds pulled, flowers planted or a mulch job? 

Plus, all ages can get their hands dirty with this one. And, one bag of mulch is only $4, and I don’t know how many people at Lowe’s are panic-buying yard equipment and flower seeds right now, so beat the lines!

Even if it is raining, one of my favorite activities as a kid was to play in it. We would set up a slip and slide when rain poured down, no water hose required. 

Biking, frisbee throwing, rollerblading… there are many activities one can do while “social distancing” at the same time. 

3. Paint the house green. 

OK, maybe not green. But, how many of ya’ll have leftover or old paint unused? Now may be the best time to repaint your doors, baseboards, or even add an accent wall to your game room. 

Or maybe you have been wanting to repaint your house for years but haven’t had the time. Once again, you may have more time now than you know what to do with. 

4. Focus on the family.

With a “shelter in place” or some other request, you may actually be able to get through a whole game of RISK or Monopoly with your family. Or even putting a massive puzzle together, playing ping pong or watching movies together. 

Some family-favorites of ours, personally, are Peanuts/Nertz (Solitaire on steroids), the Domino game 42, Dominion, Golf, Mario Kart or Catan. 

Another thing you can do, if ya’ll are not too into board games, is work on your family history. Call up the grandparents and learn about your past and family lines so you can make a family tree.

Baking is a good idea too – another thing that can be tedious and time consuming but deliciously satisfactory. Plus, with everyone trying to cram their pantries right now, it’s a good time to go through the food you do have and to come up with fun recipes to make with your kids or spouse. 

Or just enjoy each other. We finally have time to rest, relax, and enjoy the family God has given us. 

5. Be a good neighbor. 

Just today, my stepmom is trimming up her rosemary bush and sharing the plethora of the spice with our neighbors. Because let’s face it, we might be stuck eating the same foods for a while and any fresh spices might brighten up a dinner plate. 

Random acts of kindness always go a long way, and now, how easy would it be to leave even a roll of perhaps toilet paper in someone’s mailbox (hopefully like in a Ziploc bag or original packaging). Or even a can of beans or tomatoes or other nonperishables people are stocking up on. 

Like a good neighbor, we can be there. Let’s do a better job than State Farm. 

In conclusion, use this time wisely! You may look back one day and say, “Wow, the COVID-19 crisis really drew our family closer together.”