Aug 21, 2017 14:28pm
History of Lifeword Part One: Lifeword Turns Fifty

(originally published in Lifeword’s May 2015 newsletter)

“Surely, we have only to read the front pages of our newspaper or hear the newscasts to know that our nation is in crisis times, and we feel that the greatest help that we could give our own America is the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.  Until men know Jesus in an intimate way by receiving Him as Personal Saviour and being transformed by His grace, we cannot expect to see civil justice.  Truly, America is one of the greatest and most needy mission fields of the hour, and I am persuaded that unless we give our best to make Jesus known to our own country that the liberty, peace and prosperity we know today will not endure long.”

Although this sounds like a call to action for today’s Christians, it was actually written fifty years ago by Harold Morris, a promotional worker for the association and missionary to Brazil until his health forced him stateside. In September of 1965 Bro. Morris began a Saturday afternoon radio broadcast, “to make Jesus known to the multitudes of our own land.”

The thirty-minute broadcast was over radio station KSTL 630 “on the dial in St. Louis, Missouri,” and within a month, a Kansas City broadcast had begun.  In a letter to the Gleaner, Bro Morris thanked Trinity Baptist Church in Florissant, Missouri; their pastor Ashford Conrad; the Cane Creek Association; and W.H. Newman of Chambers Park Baptist Church in St. Louis “for their liberal support for this program.” In November of 1965 Bro. Morris named his program The Harvest Gleaner Gospel Hour.

From two radio broadcasts in English to forty-eight different formats, thirty-four languages and 110 countries, Lifeword has continued to obey that Great Commission calling. We are celebrating this anniversary by also thanking churches and individuals who have made this unique media ministry possible.

In our new electronic newsletter, we will continue the story of Harvest Gleaner Hour/Lifeword and try to mention some of the other significant supporters throughout fifty years. If you would like to read more of how God has continued to bless us and to be informed about Lifeword Sunday/WalkfortheWorld, current project initiatives, prayer requests, praises, and changed lives, please send an email to and we’ll add you to our list of subscribers.

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