Apr 09, 2020 08:00am
Crisis Speaks Loud but Jesus Has the Final Word

Our nation is experiencing record-breaking numbers as death rates from COVID-19 continue to climb. Illnesses continue to swell, and panic is pressing in. New York is now in a full-state of crisis as the hospital system is currently at its breaking point. It’s estimated that over half of New Yorkers will be infected. We can be sure this is only the beginning as suffering and hardship will thrive for weeks to come.   

Sickness and death are sounding their voices world-wide, and all of us are hearing their cries. For the first time in our lives the whole world has something in common. We’re all having the same conversations about the fear and uncertainty of our health and economic strength. We’re all panicking together, forgetting that we’re all in this together. But it’s in these times of crisis that God pulls us back in to focus on Him. 

God uses the seriousness of sickness and death to show us that we desperately need Christ, and that Christ alone has the power to give us deliverance. 

Now, all the more our hope in Jesus is growing. All the more we grasp him with certainty as only he can give us what we need so deeply. As the Great Physician, we can embrace him for healing and life beyond the grave. His value can’t be overstated. We now have rich soil to focus on the depth and beauty of Christ for all that he means for us, all that he did for us. 

His glory is shining brighter as the world’s eyes are being opened to our vulnerability and need for deliverance, healing, and restoration.

The second part of this is our economic stability. I’m having the same conversations with people about bills and jobs. No one knows who will be employed in the coming days or how we will pay our bills. We don’t know if our jobs will completely shut down or not. We don’t know what job we might end up with. No one knows anything. 

But something I do know, money and jobs will never be as valuable as being rich is Christ is. 

Regardless of what type of job we have or how much money we make, we can be sure that our lives will be demanded from us one day, and that ultimately what matters is the treasure that we store in heaven. My life here on earth pales in comparison to the eternal life that I will have with Christ, and what takes precedence in my life is not my economic value, but rather how much I value Christ. How I love him now will set the trajectory for my future to come. 

As I reflect upon our world today I am reminded of the most pressing need we have as humans. We’re vulnerable. Sickness and death have claim over us. One hundred percent of us will die. Without hope beyond these things we’re left only with unyielding despair. 

But even though the voices of sickness and death are crying out around the world, and economic collapse is a possibility for our nation, we can be sure that Jesus, our hope, will have final say over sickness and death and that our wealth is not found in this world, but in him alone.