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Day by Day - 2 Samuel
The Glory Of A Great Kingdom
Clif Johnson
Aired on Jun 27, 2024
Show Day by Day
Jun 13, 2024
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2 Samuel 5:12

The eternal kingdom of God which He establishes is greater than any earthly kingdom.   #daybydaylw   Interested in learning more about becoming a devoted follower of Christ? Go to!   ~~~   2 Samuel 5 is recorded for us to give us a glimpse into the greatness of the Kingdom of God, and God’s chosen king, a king after God’s own heart. And we know this because of how the author drops in a few lines after each episode given to us in chapter 5. So we have in verse 5 the length of David’s reign over all of Israel—33 years. In verse 10 after the run in with the Jebusites, we are told, “David became greater and greater, for the LORD, the God of hosts, was with him.” In verse 12 it tells us that “David knew that the LORD had established him king over Israel, and that he had exalted his kingdom for the sake of his people Israel.” After the two episodes with the Philistines in the end of 2 Samuel 5, with each instance we are told of David’s victories. I don’t think 2 Samuel 5 is given to us in chronological order as the first events of David’s reign as king over all of Israel, but rather they serve as a snapshot of David’s Kingdom to show us the nature of God’s kingdom under David’s reign. How much greater, then is the eternal kingdom of God under the reign of the true and eternal King of Israel, Jesus? The LORD establishes it. The LORD establishes it for the good of His people. And it will be successful.

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