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Day by Day - 2 Samuel
Tomato Soup, Super Glue, And Secret Purposes
Clif Johnson
Aired on Jun 13, 2024
Show Day by Day
Jun 07, 2024
00:01:39 Minutes

No corrupt world leader or false teacher can disrupt the plans of God. #daybydaylw Interested in learning more about becoming a devoted follower of Christ? Go to!   ~~~   Not too long ago, two oil activists entered the National Gallery in London, and splattered tomato soup all over Rembrandt’s painting, “Sunflowers.” They then superglued themselves to the wall. They wanted to make a statement. They wanted to ruin a masterpiece to gain attention to their own cause. Later that day, the National Gallery put out a statement informing the public that the painting was unharmed because, unbeknownst to the activists there was a thin layer of glass protecting the painting. Listen to me church, the world, corrupt leaders, wolves in sheep’s clothing will think they can stop and disrupt and dismantle the plans of God. They throw their tomato soup all over the masterpiece of the gospel, thinking they are destroying it. And yet, there is the protective glass of God’s Providence protecting His masterpiece. What makes the providence of God different than the national Gallery in London is that God is able to incorporate the tomato soup for His own hidden purposes, for His glory and our good.

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