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Day by Day - 2 Samuel
Is There Any Leaven Of Pride?
Clif Johnson
Aired on May 30, 2024
Show Day by Day
May 22, 2024
00:03:35 Minutes

Unchecked pride will lead us to seek status and power over others.   #daybydaylw   Interested in learning more about becoming a devoted follower of Christ? Go to!   ~~~     Abner is the one making all the moves in 2 Samuel 2. Ish-bosheth is a puppet king, with Abner pulling the strings. And in similar fashion, Abner is the one pulling the strings in this opening scene. Abner leads his men from their home location, Mahanaim, to the pool of Gibeon. And what is important to know is that the distance they travel is approximately 50-55 miles as the crow flies, which is a blatant act of aggression against David’s men, and David’s reign as king of Judah. Here we have before us a man who opposes God’s king, and God’s kingdom. Here we have a man who brashly and defiantly comes as far as he can come southward, to the border of Judah and just glares over the border to the men of David. This is not so that Abner can present his men to David as fellow soldiers ready to fight in David’s army against the Philistines. This is an act of provocation on Abner’s part. He was getting nose to nose, as close as he could get and poking his finger in the proverbial chest of David’s forces. Not to be intimidated, you have Joab leading David’s men to meet Abner’s forces on the other side of the pool of Gibeon, to let them know that they will not be pushed around. Now take special note of this. Abner is the aggressor, the one showing force, and the mission of Joab is one of a defensive posture. Joab was drawing a line in the sand and saying, “We will defend what is ours.” The two armies are face to face, and since Abner is the aggressor, he makes a suggestion, “Let’s have a representative duel. My best 12 against your best 12.” Abner and Joab send twelve young men to represent each side. Someone yells, “Fight,” and they grapple against one another, stabbing each other relentlessly, until they all fell to the ground while the life went out of each of them. 24 men dead. And here is the question I want to be on your heart and in your mind as we travel this text: Is there any opposition, any resistance in your life, in your heart, towards the King, or the kingdom of God? Is there any pride that swells up in your that nudges you towards seeking or gaining power, status over someone else? Is there a leaven of pride hidden in your life that you know is there but you refuse to remove because the thought of being praised is more desirable to you than having to serve?

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