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Day by Day - 1 Samuel
He Walked Into The Darkness Of Death
Clif Johnson
Aired on Apr 23, 2024
Show Day by Day
Apr 18, 2024
00:01:50 Minutes

Jesus, our perfect King, walked into the heart of death and darkness to release us from sin’s entrapment.   Interested in learning more about becoming a devoted follower of Christ? Go to!   ~~~   As we consider the life of David, we see he had missteps and made bad decisions, and needed to be rescued from his own sin and entrapment. So we still need a king; in fact we need an eternal King after God’s own heart. And that is who we have in Jesus—the perfect King. He had no missteps and made no bad decisions. But He still needed rescue from sin’s entrapment of death, because as a perfect King, he was also the perfect atoning sacrifice, taking our sin upon Himself. He was held down into death by our sin. He was trapped in the clutches of death. Like Saul at the end of chapter 28, Jesus went away into the nighttime and darkness of death. But like David, Jesus is released from sin’s entrapment early in the morning. Sorrow may last for the night, but joy comes in the morning. Which proves Jesus as God’s choice for King, fulfilling all promises of a righteous and holy and glorious king.

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