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Day by Day - 1 Samuel
Our Rest Is Coming
Clif Johnson
Aired on Apr 02, 2024
Show Day by Day
Mar 27, 2024
00:01:52 Minutes

Rest will come for all believers one day, but until then we find our strength in Jesus.   ~~~   Sometimes being against the world grows tiresome? Makes you weary? You sometimes just want some rest? There is a rest to be had. It is in Christ. Listen to me very closely. Notice with me what David did in 1 Samuel 27. He ran from one enemy, into the land of another, all in the hopes of finding rest. You will not be able to run to a place on this earth that is free from the enemy’s outpost. He will find you. He will wage war. He doesn’t care if you are tired. He doesn’t care if you are lonely, or sad, or mad, or hurt. He has zero compassion for you, and he takes zero days off. He is constantly at work. So you cannot be led into the thinking of just “escaping” for a bit. The only place of refuge is a person, and hiding yourself in Him. In Christ there is rest for your weary soul. And in Christ there is strength to continue to fight the enemy. We were redeemed to fight now and rest later. Our ultimate rest is coming. But now, in these last days, we fight in the strength of the Lord.

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