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Day by Day - 1 Samuel
The Warning You Must Hear
Clif Johnson
Aired on Mar 26, 2024
Show Day by Day
Mar 14, 2024
00:03:51 Minutes

The life of Jesus is the only offering necessary to make us right with God.   ~~~   In our study of 1 Samuel 26, we have come to the point to where David sneaks up on King Saul’s bodyguard, Abner, and wakes him up. Saul entrusts himself to Abner; Abner entrusts himself to Saul, but God made them both fall into a deep sleep so that they are confronted by God’s chosen one. David takes Saul’s spear (power and protection) and also his water jug (provision) so that once again Saul is left powerless against David, and God. Then David extends the grace of the gospel—repent and return to God. “Saul, is it possible that God is trying to get you to see your hard-heartedness? Your greed? Your paranoia? If that be the case, then repent! Turn from your pride and selfishness, and turn to God!” If that is not the case, Saul, then it must be men who have convinced you to chase me down, and if that is the case, may they be cursed. Either way, if Saul does not heed this warning, then he ends up in a cursed camp. And this part of the story is for some of you today, who have lived as if you are the masters of your own fate, the kings of your own souls. Heed the warning. You are in a dangerous camp today. You are not as protected as you think you are. God’s everlasting judgment will sneak upon you, in all your so-called safety, and take from you your protection and life. That is the siren call we hear in this story. Just as David and Abner snuck into that camp, and took Saul’s spear and water jug, signs of power, authority, protection, and life, so too will God take from you those things, and then you will be left exposed and utterly vulnerable. What offering do you have to present in order to make peace with God? My friend, the offering has been made. That is the glory of the good news that God delivers to us in Christ. It is just as we said earlier—Jesus on the cross is the offering. You have nothing you can bring that will please God, that will atone for or erase your sinfulness. You need a perfect sacrifice, and that is why Jesus came, God in the flesh, to be the sacrifice for all those who would find their hope, their everlasting treasure in him. And the gifts of Christ are peace with God, forgiveness of sin, the indwelling of the Spirit. Would you come to Him today? Would you forsake your sinfulness and land in the arms of Christ today? Come to Him in faith, in belief, that His life, death, resurrection, is the complete and sufficient atoning sacrifice that you are in desperate need of. Come to Him as the King of your life!

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