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Day by Day - 1 Samuel
Do You Have Any Thank-You Cards Lying Around?
Clif Johnson
Aired on Mar 15, 2024
Show Day by Day
Mar 06, 2024
00:02:50 Minutes

We should recognize the providence of God in our lives as He makes us more like Christ.   ~~~   I wonder if there are some people that you need to write a letter to, or go to, and thank them for their wisdom in your life, how they have kept you from sin, or how they have helped pull you out of sin. How they have helped you on this road of sanctification that we journey. We see David doing something akin to this in 1 Samuel 25, when Abigail shares wisdom with him. He rejoices over God. He rejoices over God’s servant and God’s wisdom displayed in her, he rejoices over the word she brought him. As we think about this time of year, I remember another story of seemingly supposed justice stayed. Joseph, it seemed, had every cultural right to put Mary to shame. But God’s providence intervened, didn’t it? It wasn’t an Abigail who showed up, but it was an angel of the LORD. And that angel worked on Joseph’s heart so that God’s people would have a completely, righteous king. This King was mistreated, but he constantly gave Himself to God, submitting to God’s plan to offer us something better—redemption in Christ, and holiness in this life. For those who belong to Christ, redemption is secured. But God is continually doing a work of sanctification in our lives, the work of making us look more and more like His son. He is doing that work in you, believer. How are you responding? Are you recognizing his providence? Repenting of your sin? Rejoicing over the word brought into your life, even though it be a difficult word?

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