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Day by Day - 1 Samuel
Our Greatest Lack In Christianity
Clif Johnson
Aired on Mar 14, 2024
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Mar 06, 2024
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We should be sure to hate our own sin as much as God does, rather than justifying it.   ~~~   One of David’s greatest spiritual characteristics is his sensitivity and receptivity to the conviction of the Spirit of God and repentance. And I also believe it is one of the greatest deficiencies within Christianity today. We lack continual repentance. We lack sorrow for sin. We lack hatred of sin. We don’t see it as an affront to God. We continually self-justify and excuse and play victim cards. We live on the level of the surface and say things like, “Well yeah, but if she hadn’t said that, then I wouldn’t have done this…” without ever addressing the heart, what’s in the heart, the pain you want to inflict on someone else, the humiliation you want to bring. You see, that is where the sin lies. And we might not commit the act that we want to against an offending party, but the bitterness and loathsomeness may still exist. And that is just as damning, and what must be wrestled out of the heart! When was the last time? When was the last time you did the work of repentance? Really fought and battled with the sin of the heart? When was the last time you mourned over it? When was the last time you yielded to the LORD and prayed, “Lord I want to hate this sin like you do. Show me its damaging cost and affects. Help me to love righteousness. I want to trust you and your way in this.” When was the last time?

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